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Slipknot tease new music on cryptic NFT website

The website currently features nine brief snippets of new music

By Hollie Geraghty

Corey Taylor of slipknot performs live
Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor last month said the new album was “pretty much done". (Photo: Slipknot/ Instagram).

Slipknot have teased new music on a mysterious NFT website.

The website, called The Chapeltown Rag, appears to be an online marketplace for Slipknot NFTs (non-fungible token), and currently features nine brief snippets of music.

There is also a link to a WAX wallet, a blockchain used to sell and trade NFTs.

The Knotfest website is currently advertising the new site on a banner that says: “Read all about it if you want to know”. 

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor last month shared that new music would be arriving soon.

Speaking on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Taylor said: “It’s pretty much done. I’d say it’s probably about 80 per cent done. We’re finishing up some music [and] I’ve got a couple more songs to sing.”

“However, I will say this: don’t be surprised if in the next month or so you hear something new,” he added.

In June Slipknot’s Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan spoke to Metal Hammer about what to expect from the new music.

Confirming that the sound will be similar to 2001 album ‘Iowa’, Crahan said: “This one is a cobra in a basket.” 

“You can either know how to play the instrument, or you can take the circumstance. This is real. But you’re gonna open the basket. You’re going to play, you’re going to charm and be charmed.”

He also spoke about how the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted the band’s usual creative process.

“Imagine being someone like the Clown, who wouldn’t buy into FaceTime, who wouldn’t buy into technology asking his singer, ‘Hey, send the vocals through the Internet.’ But this year has been a year of Zoom and FaceTime. And do music at your house and email it and we’ll put it in the song. This has been a great year to catch up on technology and utilise it and benefit from art making.”

He added: “I was able to work on music with others in the band and Corey was in Vegas and he was able to go to a studio and do vocals and send it. That’s amazing. So I took benefit of that stuff and those that never wanted to use technology are using technology, like me.”

Slipknot will also embark on a European tour next year, with shows scheduled for Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Switzerland and more across July and August 2022.