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The Killers confirm plans to release new single this summer

The band say they're "thrilled" about the forthcoming effort

By Nick Reilly

The Killers perform live in Southampton (Picture: Rob Loud)
The Killers perform live in Southampton (Picture: Rob Loud)

The Killers have confirmed they’re planning to release a new single this summer, continuing a recent flurry of productivity that has seen them release two albums over the last two years.

The band released their stadium-primed sixth album ‘Imploding The Mirage’ in 2020, before following it last year with ‘Pressure Machine’ – an introspective effort which took inspiration from Brandon Flowers’ childhood in the city of Nephi, Utah.

Now, it seems that there’s no plans to slow down. Speaking exclusively to Rolling Stone UK, Flowers confirmed that a fresh track from the group will arrive this summer.

“[New music] is always on our mind and we’re always working. We have a single that is going to come out in the summer that we’re thrilled about,” said Flowers.

The Killers' Brandon Flowers performs live in Coventry (Picture: Rob Loud)
The Killers’ Brandon Flowers performs live in Coventry (Picture: Rob Loud)

“We never sit down and have a roundtable discussion about which direction we’re going to go, we just follow the music.”

Flowers added that the new track sees the band assisted by Shawn Everett, who worked on their last two albums and Stuart Price, who was on songwriting duties for their 2017 album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’.

Asked if the song was the first of a new album campaign, Flowers replied: “In the current conditions, what’s beautiful about it is that you can just release a song, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll have a new album.

“There are certain touchstones that it’s tough to extract from the band and those are things that we should wrap our arms around and be proud of. I think you’re going to see some of that on the record. We’ve never been afraid to experiment a little, but the first thing you’ll hear in the summer is going to be very Killers!”

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