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The Rasmus are in the running to represent Finland at Eurovision 2022

The band have a new single and a different line-up

By Jen Thomas

The Rasmus
The Rasmus are in the running for Eurovision 2022 (pic: press)

The Rasmus are gearing up to release a new single in a bid t represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The band behind 2003 alt-rock smash ‘In The Shadows’ are one of the groups competing for the honour to represent their country.

The Rasmus are releasing a new single called ‘Jezebel’ next week, and will perform the song on February 2026 in a bid to become Finland’s Eurovision entrants for 2022. It will be performed as part of a live TV broadcast.

If you’re outside of Finland, you can watch the competition here.

As well as a new single, the band have confirmed they have a new line-up too. Founding guitarist Pauli Rantasalmi confirmed he has left the band in a statement: “I have decided to make my departure from the band and seek for new adventures and challenges in life.

He continued: “I want to thank everybody that has made this journey possible, especially all you amazing Fans, for the best moments and memories, I Love You.”

Guitarist Rantasalmi is being replaced by Emilia ‘Emppu’ Suhonen. She explained how it happened: “I got a very surprising call in the fall and answered YES. Although I was a bit nervous to go to the rehearsal room with the guys for the first time for a test drive, I still had a strong feeling that this would be a good thing.

“That feeling turned out to be right and playing together felt totally natural right from the first riff. I am The Rasmus’ new guitarist, and it’s pretty insane to be on this ride!”

Italy’s Måneskin won the contest in 2021 and have become a massive success story. Following their win, the competition will be held in Turin.