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The Snuts announce second album ‘Burn the Empire’

The band's second record arrives in October

By Sam Moore

The Snuts.
The Snuts. (Edward Cooke)

The Snuts have announced their second album ‘Burn the Empire’ will be released on 7 October.

‘Burn the Empire’ will be the Scottish band’s follow-up to their chart topping debut ‘W.L.’ which marked the first time a Scottish band had taken the number one spot in the UK for 14 years.

Talking about the new album, frontman Jack Cochrane said: “The universe delivered us time to create a record where we finally felt we could address some of the topics, be it societal or spiritual, that we have been dying to scream out.”

He added: “There are songs about the highs & lows, stuff we really want to talk about and things we cannot help but feel, but have just never made the space to.”

Ahead of the release of ‘Burn the Empire’ The Snuts have released three singles ‘End of the Road’, ‘Zuckerpunch’ and the title track ‘Burn the Empire’.

They have also now released a fourth single ‘The Rodeo’ which you can listen to below.

Cochrane also talked about the band’s latest single: “‘The Rodeo’ is about knowing that your life is more often than not completely out of your control. It is about finding merit in the madness and celebrating the journey and not just the destination. It is the musical equivalent of cowboys vs. aliens.”

He added: “We want it to encourage the feeling of absolute pure, inclusive escapism through guitar music.”

The Snuts are also set to play Glastonbury this weekend before heading off on tour to support the Kings of Leon.