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The Snuts on third album ‘Millennials’: ‘This is where we’re meant to be as a band right now’

As The Snuts announce third album 'Millennials' and share the latest track 'Deep Diving', frontman Jack Cochrane tells Rolling Stone UK about the group's decision to go it alone.

By Nick Reilly

The Snuts (Picture: Gary Williamson)

The Snuts have told Rolling Stone UK about why their third album ‘Millennials’ sees the band in its truest form so far and why constant pressure caused them to ditch their record label and go it alone.

Today (November 27) sees the West Lothian group share ‘Deep Diving’, an retro-tinged slice of indie pop that marks the second track to arrive from their upcoming record – which arrives on February 23 next year.

Speaking to Rolling Stone UK, frontman Jack Cochrane explained how the subtle disco-tinged elements represent a newfound confidence, partly inspired by writing large swathes of the record at home in Scotland and not on the road.

“It was the first time we’ve really written in Scotland since we were kids,” he explained.

“We’d always be across these different cities, different countries writing music and recording it. I think this time we were able to just be ourselves, just make music and see how that translates to where we are as a band. It a really natural progression. We’re still challenging ourselves but it felt natural and exactly where we’re meant to be as a band right now. That was the challenge and there was fun there again, rather than all out pressure.”

Cochrane also says the record has changed him as a lyricist, offering the most “direct” approach to fans that the group have offered so far – with ‘Deep Diving’ being a perfect example of that.

“That was the challenge for me with our lyrics. What’s the most direct way of saying what I want? Look, ‘Deep Diving’ tackles the idea of those intrusive thoughts that everyone has throughout your life and the frustration that it can cause all of us. I think I’ve been trying to be really direct there.”

As for the band’s place in 2023, he added: “We were able to be super honest and that helped us to make a record that shows who we are in this precise moment.”

But at the same time, the group are also going it alone for the first time – having left Parlophone Records to set up Happy Artist Records: the band’s new independent label, which is distributed by The Orchard.

Cochrane admits that the decision to leave came after a number of “shouting matches” with the label, as well an overall breakdown of their relationship.

“When we first signed a record deal the landscape of recording, making, promoting and sharing music was so different,” said Cochrane.

“But by the time it got to the idea of making another record in 2023 with a major label, it felt like this wasn’t really what we’d signed up for, you know. We’d had a few kind of shouting matches and, you know, and a lot of the conversation coming from the major label side wasn’t right.”

Cochrane echoes the concerns of artists such as Demi Lovato & Florence and The Machine – who have all expressed their concern about artists being forced to flaunt their personalities on social media to flog records.

“It’s not about the music, you know, it’s it’s about how your personality comes across on these platforms and the correlation between this platform to your streaming,” said Cochrane.

“We’re thinking, you know, this isn’t actually what we signed up for. For us, it’s about trying to keep a bit of faith in the music and being able to comfortably express yourself without that.

“Look, we’re not cut out to be reality TV stars, we’re musicians and it goes without saying those two things are really different. Most musicians I know don’t want their life to be on screen.”

He added: “Things started to get comfortable and mundane too and it started to feel a data analytics job. But fuck that, man.” Now, The Snuts are going it alone and writing their own destiny.

“It was the perfect time to get out,” he said. “We saw that opportunity, we saw the gates were open and we just thought: let’s do this. Now we’re at the place where we’re meant to be.”