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The Wombats announce new EP ‘Is This What It Feels Like To Feel Like This’

As The Wombats reveal details of their new EP, they tell Rolling Stone UK the story behind their latest release

By Nick Reilly

The Wombats (Picture: Jamie MacMillan)
The Wombats (Picture: Jamie MacMillan)

The Wombats have announced details of new EP Is This What It Feels Like To Feel Like This, which is set to arrive just nine months after the Liverpool band’s first UK ever number one album.

Arriving on November 18th both digitally and on vinyl, the new six-track EP sees the indie stalwarts shining a fresh light on songs that were originally written for their 2022 album Fix Yourself Not The World.

But instead of being neglected off-cuts from that record, frontman Murph explains that they are strong songs that deserved to see the light of day.

 “We recorded seventeen or eighteen songs for the albums and some of them were strong songs that didn’t end up on it,” he told Rolling Stone UK.

 “We wanted to release them and for them to become their own body of work. For me, it’s like if you’ve got a handful of strong songs that you’re confident in and love, you should just get them out there.”

Speaking about the varied sounds of the new EP, he added:  “There’s a song on there called ‘Demon’, which is a lot more slow and there wasn’t space on the album for a song like that, in terms of what we were trying to do. We wanted to keep it pretty concise.”

Elsewhere, the title track sees the band revelling in their knack for creating huge choruses. But it also takes in their love of oft-kilter lyrical themes, and comes inspired by a dilapidated housing complex that Murph walked past.

“It’s a walking the dog scenario and I went past this battered apartment complex. I can’t remember whether there was shady shit happening or whether I made it up,” he explained.

“But all of a sudden, I’ve come up with this story where I’ve turned up at this hotel and caught my partner in a very compromising situation. All of a sudden, the twist is that according to my past, it should be me in that situation. That’s what the title and song is about. It’s walking in on a moody hotel and that situation.”

Meanwhile, earlier this year saw the group play the biggest show of their career at London’s O2 Arena.

The show came 15 years after their 2007 debut ‘A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation’, but Murph says that the band’s love of touring and recording allowed them to secure the milestone.

“It definitely was a moment. We were so excited and for it to turn like it did, my daughter coming on stage at the end, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a real moment for us. It was awesome.”

The Wombats are currently touring the UK. The run will continue in Sheffield on Sunday (August 21), with a further six dates on the cards . You can see more details on the tour here, and find tickets here.

Check out the track-list for their latest EP below.

1. ‘I Think My Mind Has Made Its Mind Up’
2. ‘Dressed To Kill’
3. ‘Demon’
4. ‘Is This What It Feels Like To Feel Like This?’
5. ‘Same Old Damage’
6. ‘Good Idea At The Time’