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Tove Lo shares retrofuturistic ‘No One Dies From Love’ video

“What I believe I do best is ‘heartbreak you can dance to. The song is that,” the Swedish singer said of 'No One Dies From Love'

By Tomás Mier

Tove Lo, 2022
Tove Lo (Picture: Kenny Laubbacher)

Tove Lo is saying goodbye to ‘Sunshine Kitty’ as she enters a new era for her music. On Tuesday, the singer gave fans a taste of her forthcoming album as she released the music video for her single “No One Dies from Love,” which follows Tove as she falls in love with a robot. Yup.

The Alaska-directed visual follows Tove Lo — a famous movie star in the video — as she navigates a dystopian, retrofuturistic world after she orders a robot, named Annie 3000. The video is spliced with Tove dancing to the Eighties-influenced track before the robot joins the choreography.

Tove and the new robot seem to do everything together: play tennis, watch movies (projected by the robot’s hand), and slowly hold hands before they fall for each other. (There’s a ton of robot-human makeout seshs involved.)

“All the songs on the album are very cinematic, dramatic, and grand, so for the visual story I want to attach a character to each song,” the Swedish star said in a release. “For ‘No One Dies From Love,’ it’s the classic vulnerable, lonely starlet looking for connection. This mini-movie is a different kind of love story.”

And it definitely is. By the end of the video, Tove has a new toy to play with as she orders a more realistic robot who speaks named Eva. The old robot, seen bringing Tove a cake, witnesses the interaction and pulls out its heart (?) before bursting into flames.

The post-credits seem to allude to a continuation of the robot storyline as the robot wakes up in a lab with a Spanish-speaking woman who says, “Don’t worry, cariño. No one dies from love.”

Tove Lo wrote the song alongside Ludvig Söderberg, who’s worked with the singer on tracks including “Lady Wood,” “Habits (Stay High),” and “Bad as the Boys.”

“No One Dies From Love” was inspired by overwhelming emotions post-breakup. “When you’re with someone for a long time and it ends all of all sudden, it’s like a part of you has died. This person is now a stranger to you,” Lo said. “All of the memories are tainted. For the first part of the breakup, you believe you’re not supposed to feel good about anything you had together.”

She added, “What I believe I do best is ‘heartbreak you can dance to.’ The song is that.”

Aside from her appearance on the Euphoria soundtrack and collabs with Duran Duran on “Give It All” and Marina on “Venus Fly Trap,” this is the singer’s first release since dropping the Paw Prints edition of her 2019 LP Sunshine Kitty in 2020.

Her most recent, pop-perfect LP included tracks such as “Equally Lost” with Doja Cat, “Really Don’t Like U” with Kylie Minogue,” and the breakup anthem, “Glad He’s Gone.”

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