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Watch Bambie Thug go satanic in ‘Egregore’ music video

The east London artist shares the visuals to their nu gen/nu metal ripper about 'radical self-love'

By Charlotte Krol

Bambie Thug
Bambie Thug. (Picture: Luke Nugent)

Bambie Thug has released the music video for their first single of 2023 – check out ‘Egregore’ below.

The east London artist has put their own twist on The Powerpuff Girls character HIM, a gender-bending, satanic character for a high camp watch that’s shot by Vakul Film.

“Egregore” is an occult term for a group thought form; a projection of the mind that grows more powerful as it enters group consciousness.

In the track Bambie Thug explores how self-destructive behaviours are glamourised by society and how they, as an independent queer musician, have tried to break free from those narratives.

The track itself hears backing vocals by collaborator Cassyette and beats by Tylr Rydr.

Speaking about the track, Bambie said: “I have a history of negative self-talk and self-destructive behaviours. I spent a lot of my early years deeply hating myself, stuck in cycles of dysphoria, attracting relationships and situations that solidified my state of mind.

“I didn’t believe I deserved good love, nourishment or success. I believed that I deserved to be treated badly, that I should starve myself and watch from the side-lines. I became a people pleaser. ‘Egregore’ is my way of breaking away from that: ‘I wanna love myself, be better than I am.’ I am finally choosing radical self-love and turning the volume down on the neggy ted talk in my head.”