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Watch The 1975 shout out The Traitors’ Paul and Harry at London show

"|I am genuinely starstruck by you two," Healy told the crowd.

By Nick Reilly

Paul Gorton, Matty Healy and Harry Clarke (Picture: BBC/Rolling Stone UK)

Matty Healy has given a shout out to Harry and Paul from The Traitors after the pair appeared in the crowd at last night’s The 1975 show at London’s O2 Arena.

On the last London date of their Still…At Their Very Best tour, Healy paused the show to highlight the fact that Gorton and Clarke – two stand out contestants from the show’s latest season – were in attendance.

“Lots of people come to our shows [and] I’m very happy to have them here. Thank you to Rick Astley who famously came and did a video… thank you, Rick,” he said, before explaining that there is rarely any guest who leaves him genuinely “impressed”.

“But did anybody watch The Traitors? Because that’s Paul and Harry over there,” he said, pointing out the two. The pair then stood up, while the latter recreated his now-iconic bow that he first performed in the show after being outed as a Traitor.

“Genuinely starstruck… I am genuinely starstruck by you two,” Healy added. “You guys are sick. Give it up for Paul and Harry, ladies and gentlemen. Come and have a drink with us. Despicable bunch.”

The pair were the stand-out stars of this year’s show, which is hosted by Claudia Winkleman and sees 22 contestants battling it out for £120,000 in the Scottish Highlands.

Clarke emerged as the eventual winner, while Gorton’s deception won huge praise.

Writing for Rolling Stone UK on his Traitors journey last month, Gorton said: “I do think my whole life has led to becoming a Traitor. There’s always been a naughty streak within me, but in normal society you can’t do the things that I did in the castle. So when I was put into a show where you’re actively encouraged to manipulate people to win money I just thought right, I’m really gonna cause some trouble in here.

“I was so convinced I was going to become a Traitor before I went on the show too. I bought a copy of Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho in WH Smiths just before I got on the train and thought that Patrick Bateman would be a great character to base my Traitor on. He’s obviously a psycho and I’m definitely not, but he’s got a lot of charisma. I decided I’d try and bring all of that to the table. I feel like I really hit that brief and it appears like the public did too.”