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Yungblud fulfils promise to paints pride flag on Polish street

“It’s f***in led based paint, try gettin that off!"

By Sam Moore

Yungblud poses on the floor with his hands on his face for a press shot
(Photo: Press).

Yungblud has painted the pride flag on a Polish street after previously promising to do so.

The musician posted a video on his social media accounts of him painting the LGBT rainbow flag outside the Expo XXI Convention Centre in Warsaw.

Alongside the video, Yungblud wrote: “never apologise. never compromise. never hide who you are. love as much as you can every fookin day!!! to love another is NEVER WRONG.”

He added in a later tweet: “It’s f***in led based paint too , try gettin that off.”

The Doncaster born singer can also be heard shouting “never ever change who you are” to fans watching him paint the symbol.

The move comes following a social media interaction two years ago between Yungblud and a fan in Poland.

The fan commented on a Yungblud post of the musician standing with a pride flag by saying: “I’m jealous cause I live in Poland. It’s the most homophobic country I’ve ever seen.”

Yungblud responded by saying: “The pavements will be painted in beautiful colours. I’m gonna paint the fuckin street myself outside the venue next time i am there, we will do it together and smile. we will keep fighting. all my love is with you.”

Yungblud originally described himself as “sexually fluid” in 2019 before coming out as pansexual the following year.

He later credited his ex-partner Halsey with helping him understand his sexuality.

Yungblud recently released a new single with Willow entitled ‘Memories’ which serves as his second release of 2022 after ‘The Funeral’.

Ozzy Osbourne appeared in the video for ‘The Funeral’ before he tested positive for Covid-19. His wife Sharon later caught the disease while caring for the Black Sabbath singer.

A recent update from his son Jack said that the rock legend was “doing well”.