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Yungblud teams up with Lil Yachty on new single ‘When We Die (Can We Still Get High?)’

A psych-driven look at the bigger questions in life from the pair.

By Nick Reilly

Yungblud and Lil Yachty (Picture: Tom Pallant)

Yungblud has released ‘When We Die (Can We Still Get High?)’, a collab with Lil Yachty for his first single of 2024.

The track, which was first teased earlier this week, sees the Rolling Stone UK Award winner getting deep as he questions the bigger questions in life.

Does Heaven have a dealer? Do they sell the love for cheaper than in Hollywood? / As hell is gettin’ colder, I don’t plan on gettin’ older in this neighbourhood,” he sings.

Yachty’s verse comes later on in the track and sees him backed up by psych-led production.

Describing the track, Yungblud explained how he had wished to work with Yachty ever since the pair first crossed paths in 2019.

“When we die (can we still get high?)’ was one of the first songs I wrote when I got to New Orleans to make new music,” he wrote. “Me and Yachty have been talking since 2019 and I’ve always thought we were on the same trip – fuck the rules, push things forward. So, when I wrote the song I knew he’d add something amazing.”

“I wanted this moment to be a collision of each other’s imagination and sound. I’m really excited about it and for what it could potentially inspire between the future of alternative and hip-hop. Press play.”

Yungblud most recently joined forces with Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes on 2022’s ‘Happier’ and even arrived on stage at the latter’s O2 Arena show over the weekend to perform their previous collab ‘Obey’.

Lil Yachty, meanwhile, has teamed up with the likes of Drake and Playboi Carti in the past.

Last year also saw Yungblud win Best Live Act at the Rolling Stone UK Awards, where he said that “live music and live playing is everything to me. It’s all I ever wanted to do. I just want to connect with people and find a family that is my fucking own.”