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Primavera Sound 2024: Cupra driving the festival’s most unforgettable moments

The Spanish car brand is continuing to prove itself a huge player in the world of live music

By Dale Fox

Cupra Boiler Room at Primavera 2024
Boiler Room x CUPRA (Image: Provided)

As night fell over Barcelona, the anticipation each night of Primavera Sound 2024 reached its peak. The festival, renowned for its eclectic lineup and unforgettable experiences, had an extra buzz this year, thanks in part to its ongoing partnership with Barcelona-based automotive brand Cupra.

The Cupra Stage played host to a diverse array of artists, each bringing their unique style to the festival. Beth Gibbons mesmerised the crowd with her haunting melodies, while The Last Dinner Party, winners of the Rising Star Award at the Rolling Stone UK Awards in collaboration with Rémy Martin, had everyone dancing with their high-energy performance. Lisboa’s genre-defying beats and Sofia Kourtesis’ infectious rhythms showcased the incredible range of talent on display.

The Last Dinner Party perform on the Cupra stage at Primavera Sound 2024 (Image: Silvia Villar)

Boiler Room x Cupra was THE place to be

However, it was the Boiler Room x Cupra space that drew the biggest crowds, with festivalgoers lining up for what seemed like miles to experience the unique atmosphere. Once inside, they were treated to mind-bending sets from avant-garde artist Arca and the boundary-pushing sounds of They Hate Change, among others. Even the thunderstorms on the final night couldn’t dampen the vibe, quite literally making it even more electric.

The Boiler Room x Cupra space was undoubtedly THE place to be during Primavera Sounds 2024 (Image: Provided)

Cupra brings Charli XCX for surprise DJ set

One of the most talked-about moments of the festival was Charli XCX’s surprise pop-up DJ set on Barceloneta Beach, in collaboration with Cupra. The pop star, a regular at Primavera Sound, delivered an unforgettable PARTYGIRL performance alongside A.G. Cook and George Daniel. The impromptu beach set had the festival abuzz, with fans raving about the intimate and unexpected experience.

@rollingstoneuk She's our favourite reference, baby!💥 We caught @Charli XCX set with #CUPRA at the @cupra_official Cube on Barceloneta Beach ahead of her set at @Primavera Sound this weekend. Were you there? #CUPRA #PrimaveraSound2024 #BoilerRoomXCUPRA ♬ original sound – Rolling Stone UK

As Primavera Sound 2024 drew to a close, it was evident that the festival had once again delivered an unforgettable experience for music lovers. The diverse range of talents, coupled with unique spaces like the Boiler Room x Cupra area, created a multifaceted and immersive festival atmosphere.

Looking ahead, music enthusiasts are already speculating about what surprises future editions of Primavera Sound might have in store. With Cupra’s track record of pushing boundaries and creating memorable moments, its future with the festival is sure to continue driving the vibes for years to come.