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Samuel D. Hayslett aka Danny Warbuckz is scouting new artists like Ted Park & AYO SK3TCH

Warbuckz has had hands in helping the careers of many artists

By Jon Stojan

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Samuel D. Hayslett, aka Danny Warbuckz (Image: Provided)

We’d like to introduce you to a music producer executive who’s been creating a strong name for himself and his brand for 20 years. His name is Samuel D. Hayslett, also known by his moniker, Danny Warbuckz. Danny Warbuckz is originally from Brooklyn, New York, but he’s lived and travelled all over the world. This gives him a different perspective on life compared to most people that share his same upbringing. Danny’s one of the few who know how to make the absolute most out of what you’ve been given and that no goal is impossible.

Danny Warbuckz has had his fair share of success within the music industry. He created his own company called Music Files Inc. and even went into partnership with singer Mike Jay, who is now known as TruPopGod. Music Files Inc. presented Mike Jay with the “Beyond The 360 Deal” in order to promote his single and music video for ‘Heels.’ This deal promises to invest a minimum of $150,000 into the artist in order to push their career to the next level. During the campaign of Mike Jay’s single, they managed to surpass one million streams in total. It was spun all over the country on FM radio and it even landed a spot on the top 100 charts. Danny Warbuckz is someone who managed to accomplish the dreams of many while working with Mike Jay and it looks like he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Warbuckz has had hands in helping the careers of many artists outside of Mike Jay as well. He’s invested in many artists, and even helped to mold the career of the notable act Rayven Justice. As of now, Rayven Justice has over 50 million streams combined with his biggest song ‘Between Your Thighs’ currently sitting on 13.8 million streams alone.

As of now, Danny Warbuckz is starting to take interest in new rising artists like AYO SK3TCH and Ted Park. “These are some of the only artists I see that are fully independent and consistently elevating their careers. It’s important in today’s day and age that artists are educated to the business behind the music as well as perfecting their craft overall.” Ted Park has been featured in many major publications while selling out massive shows worldwide. AYO SK3TCH has been featured on major platforms as well while performing all over the country.

Make sure to follow Samuel D. Hayslett, aka Danny Warbuckz, on all social media platforms @dannywarbuckz in order to stay up to date with his future release dates and content drops. This is one producer we can see taking over each industry by storm with no signs of slowing down.


Danny Warbuckz (@dannywarbuckz);

Ted Park: (@tedparkboi).

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