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Yungblud details being molested as a child on powerful new single ‘Hated’

"i never told anyone until i told my producer when this song started to come out"

By Will Richards

Yungblud for Rolling Stone UK (Picture: Kosmas Pavlos/Styling: Joseph Kocharian)

Yungblud has detailed being molested as a child, an experience which partly inspired his new single ‘Hated’, which you can hear below.

The singer – real name Dominic Harrison – revealed the ordeal in a social media post, revealing that he was molested by a doctor aged seven.

“i never told anyone until i told my producer when this song started to come out,” he wrote. “this is the most personal song i’ve ever released. that’s not to say it’s soft or gentle. far from it. it’s a rallying cry and an exposition of the soul.”

Harrison added: “the song is ultimately about freeing yourself from bad experiences and trauma. finding inner strength. acknowledging your past, accepting the pain and having the courage not to let it define your future.

“You’ve got to kill somebody to be somebody to be who you want to be. You’ve got to hit rock bottom and live through all of the shit nobody believes. You’ve got to hurt some people but first some people will thirst on watching you bleed. And that’s when you know that you’ve made it. When you’re hated.”

See the statement and listen to ‘Hated’ below.

Back in June, Yungblud dropped new single ‘Lowlife’, one that he claims marks the start of a “new era”.

Harrison worked with producer Paul Meany on the song, approaching it with no pre-conceived ideas in mind. I’ve not been going into the studio intent on making something like, ‘Close to Me’ [by The Cure] or ‘Born This Way’ [by Lady Gaga] or Life On Mars’ [by David Bowie],” he explained. “We’d start with a blank canvas each time, bring up a beat and see what the fuck happens.”

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