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Brian Cox on climate change: “We’re in deep sh*t!”

The actor, known for his role as Logan Roy in HBO's 'Succession', appeared on Thursday's episode of BBC’s ‘Question Time’ in Glasgow

By Grace Almond

Actor Brian Cox on the panel of BBC's Question Time
The actor delivered a damning assessment of the climate crisis on Thursday's episode. Source: BBC Question Time

Scottish actor Brian Cox has opened up on the climate crisis, warning that we’re “in deep shit”.

The ‘Succession’ star also said that “the planet is dying” during a sobering appearance on last night’s edition of BBC Question Time, which was recorded in Glasgow, Scotland.

The actor was joined on the panel by politicians Kate Forbes MSP, Andrew Bowie MP, Anas Sarwar MSP, and Professor Heather McGregor.

In the video, Cox expressed his frustration with the lack of government action to solve the issue, saying “I’m well and truly scunnered”. He continued: “The planet is being destroyed and we have to rethink it. We have to make certain sacrifice in order to get better”. 

The actor spoke of his irritation with government sentiments: “’we can’t afford that, cos we’ll lose that’ but we have to think first and foremost about the planet and our responsibility to the planet”. 

Cox’s damning assessment of the climate crisis comes just a week before the COP26 summit in Glasgow. This week, a huge documents leak exposed multiple nations for trying to lobby the United Nations to change their upcoming climate report, prepared by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 

The report found that government officials had tried to minimise findings which outlined the impact of fossil fuels and the meat industry.

Additionally, the IPCC’s report in August delivered an alarming message, saying that “it is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land”, and that “widespread and rapid changes in the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere and biosphere have occurred”. UN Secretary-General António Guterres described the report’s conclusions as “a code red for humanity”.

Cox is known for his role as Logan Roy on HBO’s Succession. Source: HBO

Cox is known for his role as Logan Roy, the patriarch of the fictional Roy family which is the focus of the hit HBO show ‘Succession’. Season 3 of the show began last week (October 17), and the season’s premiere drew over 1.4 million viewers, making it the biggest digital premiere for an HBO series since the first episode of Season 2 of ‘Big Little Lies’ in June 2019. 

‘Succession’ won Best Television Series – Drama at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, and Cox won Best Actor – Television Series Drama.