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Watch Daniel Craig make surprise appearance on ‘SNL’ alongside Rami Malek

Craig appeared in a sketch that featured Malek auditioning to play Prince

By Sam Moore

Daniel Craig and Rami Malek pose for SNL
Daniel Craig and Rami Malek took part in 'SNL' (Picture: YouTube)

Daniel Craig made a surprise appearance alongside ‘No Time to Die’ co-star Rami Malek on the latest episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’.

The 16 October edition of ‘SNL’ featured Malek in his first appearance as host of the long-running sketch comedy show.

Craig made an appearance in a sketch about music legend, Prince. The skit started with Malek and ‘SNL’ mainstay Keenan Thompson, competing over who should play the late ‘Purple Rain’ singer in a biopic directed by Jordan Peele.

Peele also appeared in the sketch played by ‘SNL’ cast member, Chris Redd.

Malek and Thompson competed against each other before coming to a final showdown over who could perform Prince’s famous guitar part from ‘Kiss’ better.

As the fictional Peele and casting director’s were about the make a decision, the skit was crashed by Craig, who appeared as a medieval prince.

Dressed in full Middle Ages regalia whilst holding an electric guitar, Craig said: “Is it too late to audition for the prince? It’s a horror movie. It’s about racism right? I’m here, I’m ready. Can I at least have a try?”

The skit ended with Craig, No Time To Die co-star Malek and Thompson performing a jam together.

Craig appeared once again in the final sketch of the episode. With ‘SNL’ regular, Cecily Strong, he appeared in a club scene which is being hosted by a musician who improvises songs based on word suggestions from the audience.

Craig plays an irritated everyman who gives ludicrous suggestions to the singer – “bicycle”, “banana” and “road trip”.

The musician – Angelo, played by ‘SNL’ newcomer Aristotle Athari – then turns the words into a bizarre falsetto whilst Rami Malek dances in the background.

Craig’s previous appearance on the show has been turned into a famous meme. Appearing in March 2020 to promote ‘No Time to Die’ before its Covid enforced delay, Craig introduced that week’s music guest, The Weeknd.

Craig’s reading of “Ladies and gentlemen, The Weeknd,” in a tired voice with his arms outstretched birthed a Twitter account that posts the clip every Friday.

@CraigWeekend has almost half a million followers and until recently, Craig had no idea it existed.

The James Bond star does not use social media, but was shown the account during a recent interview. He called the account “lovely”.

‘No Time to Die’ is Craig’s fifth and final outing as James Bond. The film premiered on 28 September at the Royal Albert Hall to rave reviews and record box-office takings.