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Ricky Gervais hits out at “rule-breaking” Tories: “They are all s**t”

"I don’t get political, but they are all s**t"

By Nick Reilly

Ricky Gervais in Afterlife
Ricky Gervais in 'Afterlife' (Picture: Netflix)

Ricky Gervais has ripped into the Conservative party over photos that appear to show members breaking lockdown rules at the height of the coronavirus pandemic last year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced criticism last weekend after photos obtained by The Guardian showed him, his wife and other Tory members socialising in the garden of Downing Street during the first lockdown in May 2020. Regulations at the time stipulated that members of different households were restricted to one-on-one meetings outdoors.

Weeks before, reports suggested that festive gatherings took place within Downing Street at a time when the pandemic meant that friends and family were unable to get together for Christmas.

Addressing the scandal in a recent Twitter livestream, Gervais said: “Do you know what the worst thing is as well? Apart from the pandemic and the devastation and the deaths and the strain on the health service and people losing their livelihoods and that, the worst thing is the fucking cunts in charge do what they want.”

“I see all these people saying all the parties they were having, and people saying, ‘That was the day I couldn’t see my mum in hospital’, or ‘I couldn’t go to my dad’s funeral.’ Because the posh, privileged people in charge were acting like fucking Charlie Sheen. I mean really fucking rubbing salt in the wound. I don’t get political, but they are all shit.”

He added: “When are we going to stop taking ‘went to Eton’ as a qualification to run the country? I mean, fucking hell.”

Gervais’ comments come after he confirmed that the third and final season of ‘After Life’ will arrive on Netflix next month.

The pitch-black comedy debuted in 2019 and sees Gervais star as Tony, a local journalist who is attempting to rebuild his life in the wake of his wife’s death from breast cancer.

The third series, previously confirmed as the show’s last outing, will debut on January 14.

Posting on Twitter, he shared the show’s poster which depicts Tony alongside his trusty Alsatian. A tagline states: “Every End Is A New Beginning.”

While specific plot details are yet to emerge, the show’s second season concluded with Tony planning to overdose on pills, moments before he reconciled with love interest Emma, a nurse played by Ashley Jensen.