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‘Ted Lasso’ star Brett Goldstein shares update for season 3: “The story we were telling will be complete”

Writer Goldstein says they always had a three-season arc planned

By Jen Thomas

Cast of Ted Lasso
The cast of Ted Lasso (Pic credit: Press/Apple/Warner Bros)

Actor and writer Brett Goldstein has given ‘Ted Lasso’ fans an idea of what to expect for the upcoming third season.

He has confirmed the original story arc will be completed when the show returns, as per initial plans for the show to conclude after its third season.

Goldstein revealed a three-season arc has always been the plan from the very beginning for ‘Ted Lasso’.

However, fans will be upset to hear that he has no clue if Ted Lasso will continue beyond the next series.

Jason Sudeikis stars as the titular football coach in the popular sitcom series, and hey have won Golden Globe awards for the show.

Goldstein told Mr Porter that writers for the show are working on the third – and potentially final- series right now.

“We had a three-season arc planned. We are writing the end of that story,” he said. “Whether there’ll be more after that, we’ll see, I genuinely don’t know. But I do know that the story that we were telling over three years will be complete.”

Goldstein plays Roy Kent in the show, and the publication challenged him to say goodbye at the end of the interview in the style of his notoriously grumpy character.

“Make the most of every moment you have, and then f**k off,” he grumbled.

He broke character as he continued: “Honestly, I’ve loved this. You’ve made me think a lot. Maybe it’s too early, but I feel emotional, so thank you very much. I appreciate you.”

Bizarrely, he found himself at the centre of a conspiracy theory.

The theory posed the idea that his character Roy is actually a CGI creation, after fans spent a little too long questioning the reality of it all.

In response, he posted a light hearted video on Instagram calling it a “f**king load of mad shit.”

“I just want to clear up something once and for all,” he explained behind a cartoon face.

“I am a completely real, normal human man, who just happens to live in a VFX house and does normal human, basic things, like rendering and buffering and transferring data. I don’t know why everyone’s prodding me.”

The show’s third season is expected to land next year.