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Stray Kids shine at Paris and Milan Fashion week

Hyunjin, Seungmin, I.N and Felix were all out in force at Paris Fashion Week.

By Joseph Kocharian

Hyunjin, Felix, I.N and Seugmnin (Images: Provided)

Whilst 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Chang Bin and HAN) the producer sub-unit of Stray Kids, were presumably in the studio, back in South Korea, the rest of the group have been fulfilling their fashion brand ambassador duties and attending Fall Winter 24′ Milan and Paris Fashion week. The 4th Gen K-pop superstars continue to cause a commotion wherever in the world they touch down on, and this time the crowds descended on Milan and Paris fashion week to get a glimpse of one of the members.

Hyunjin was first up, as Milan coming first on the schedule. Stays are theorising (and hoping) that Lee Know will attend Gucci’s Cruise show in London scheduled for May, as he wasn’t present for the ready-to-wear show the other week. He was unable to attend their SS24 show last September, when himself, Hyunjin and Seungmin were involved in a car accident after a rehearsal, having to postpone any activities which included travelling to Milan for the Gucci and Versace shows for Lee Know and Hyunjin respectfully. But no worries, that means Lee Know has time to spend with his three beloved cats Soonie, Doongie and Dori.

Hwang Hyunjin, now dubbed ‘The Prince of Versace’ by fans and Donatella Versace herself, looked slick in a black suit and super-cool-touch-of goth makeup complete with MTV 90s curtains. He attended the show in Milan, before the Prince of Versace danced with Donatella and the Princess of Genovia, Anne Hathaway at the afterparty.

Hyunjin attending Versace (Picture: Provided by Versace)

Seungmin led the way for Stray Kids at Paris Fashion week, attending Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe show. Contrary to his persona as the loveable yet dry-humoured member of Stray Kids, Seungmin went for a more casual and cuddly vibe with his tactile green top and jeans combo with sneakers with a plume of bows cascading from his collar. He matched the look with bed-head hair with a bit of volume, that he patted down when it got too unruly.) The Stray Kids’ member, affectionately known as the puppy of the group with a wickedly funny sense of humour, showed his softer side, giving J.Dubs, the creative director a gift as a token of appreciation for attending the show.


The group’s maknae, I.N was next up at PFW, attending Seán McGirr’s Paris debut for Alexander McQueen. Stray Kids’ ‘Baby Bread’ looked flawless in a belted leather trench with a dramatic accentuated silhouette paired with bunched denim. A single perfectly placed fallen tendril of hair swooped down over his face that gave major River Phoenix vibes. It’s no surprised I.N’s fashion game is strong, as Hyunjin revealed to Rolling Stone UK last year that if he were to share clothes with a fellow member, it would be I.N. because of his great style. The tougher 90s heartthrob look was pulled off perfectly by Stray Kids’ youngest member.

Maknae on top- I.N in Alexander McQueen  (Picture: provided by Alexander McQueen: Photography: Jack Chipper)

Felix was the final member to appear at the French fashion week, but this time he wasn’t merely attending as a guest and sitting on the front row. Celebrating Nicolas Ghesquière’s 10 year mark as Creative Director at Louis Vuitton, Yongbok took to the runway, strutting down the catwalk for Louis Vuitton womenswear. Felix has spoken before about liking to personally explore blending and blurring women’s and men’s fashion, so this was a perfect opportunity for that. Last week, in one of the group’s RACHA LOG (the group’s YouTube video series) he was hilariously dismayed, when he did a colour analysis test and told he did not suit blue (his favourite colour) and icy tones. It’s clear though, Felix can pull off anything as he shone in Ghesquiere’s icy-hued outfit. Makeup maverick, Pat McGrath made sure his make-up glowing, which included not covering up his freckles and allowing him to shine. As Hyunjin repeatedly shouted through the colour analysis vlog video, he was pure ‘sunshine’ on the runway.

Felix on the runway for Louis Vuitton A/W 24 (Picture: Provided by Louis Vuitton)

As Stray Kids take over the runways of all the big fashion houses, we’ll be expecting to see 3RACHA at fashion week too. Bang Chan would be perfect fit for tougher, high-fashion brands with touches of sex-appeal such as Givenchy and Saint Laurent. Changbin was made for fun looks from Dsquared2 or Moschino, and the quiet-cool of HAN would be great for Prada, Balenciaga or Dior Mens.