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Tyler Boone: Building a music and bourbon whiskey empire in 2024

The year's looking bright for the entertainer and businessperson

By Jon Stojan

Two men perform in a band onstage
Tyler Boone (right) (Image: Provided)

Self-made recording artist and entrepreneur Tyler Boone is set to make 2024 his year. With an eagerly anticipated new record and his bourbon whiskey brand, Boone’s Bourbon, becoming a leading spirit in Southeast US (Start Engine awarded them with a valuation of $12 million), Tyler Boone is on a fast-track trajectory to building an empire.

At the heart of Boone’s success are his “Homegrown” Boone’s Bourbon and Boone’s Beer, which have rapidly gained acclaim for their quality and craftsmanship. Boone’s dedication to excellence is reflected in the numerous awards his bourbon has achieved, elevating the brand to international recognition. Boone’s Bourbon has clinched some of the most prestigious international awards, including Platinum at the Los Angeles Spirits Awards and Double Gold at the New York International Spirits Competition. It beat renowned brands such as Blanton’s at the International San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2022. Furthermore, Boone is the visionary behind the Holy City Homegrown Festival, blending his love for music, culture, business, and community engagement.

Over 15 million streams on Spotify

Boone has also carved out a distinctive identity in the music industry. Having shared the stage with musical legends and contemporary icons, Boone’s performances demonstrate his versatile talent and broad appeal. His collaboration with Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd on the single ‘Wicked Girl’ showcases his ability to blend genres and connect with a wide audience. These accomplishments have led to features on prominent platforms like FOX Sports NASCAR and Sirius XM’s Bluesville. In addition, Boone has achieved over 15 million streams on Spotify as an independent artist.

Close up of a person strumming a guitar
Boone has achieved a staggering 15 million streams on Spotify (Image: Provided)

Beyond his professional achievements, Boone’s philosophy regarding failure and success makes him unique. He views setbacks not as deterrents but as essential steps toward achieving greater heights. This resilience, born out of facing and overcoming challenges, has cultivated a mindset where each failure is a lesson and each success a milestone. It’s this perspective that Boone wishes to share with others, advocating for persistence, learning from failure, and never losing sight of one’s goals.

Looking to the future

As Boone looks to the future, we feel his ambitions are audacious, yet given his track record, entirely achievable. For his whiskey and beer brands, Boone plans to expand distribution and reach a broader audience, ultimately making Boone’s Bourbon and Boone’s Beer household names. The upcoming anniversaries of his bourbon and beer ventures symbolise not just years of business but milestones of growth, innovation, and community building.

A man playing a guitar onstage
The musician and businessperson is gearing up a year filled with creativity and expansion (Image: Provided)

Moreover, Tyler Boone is gearing up for a year filled with musical creativity and expansion. With new tours, his first full length record on the horizon, 2024 promises to be a year where Boone’s artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors intersect more dynamically than ever. This synergy between Boone’s music and business ventures highlights his multifaceted talent. You can say he’s created a possible road map for how artists can navigate and thrive in the evolving landscapes in the music industry and entrepreneurism.

The year 2024 is more than just another year for Tyler Boone. It’s a chapter in an ongoing story of growth, innovation, and resilience. His journey from a self-made artist to a successful entrepreneur embodies the spirit of the modern creative economy. With a new record, an expanding spirits brand, and an unwavering commitment to his craft and community, Tyler Boone is not just ready for 2024 – he’s set to make it his year.

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