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Unveiling Nothing Lasts Forever: SKARS’ debut album revolutionises music scene

Fans are invited to join SKARS on this profound musical journey

By Jon Stojan

Musician Skars plays a red guitar in a forest surrounded by red foliage
SKARS (Image: Provided)

SKARS, an artist known for his innovative fusion of musical genres, has recently unveiled his first-ever album titled Nothing Lasts Forever, sparking considerable excitement among music enthusiasts. The arrival of the album on 24 November, featuring 20 tracks spanning just over 50 minutes, is set to make a significant impact, marking a pivotal moment in both SKARS’ career and the lives of his rapidly expanding fan base.

A visionary artist

Drawing inspiration from legendary music industry artists of the past, SKARS channels deep emotional vibes into his music. His goal is to craft songs that offer solace and illumination to listeners navigating the challenges of life, reinforcing the message that they are not facing their struggles alone. With authentic and relatable lyrics, he has garnered a loyal audience who have been keenly anticipating Nothing Lasts Forever.

Skars’ evolution

The album is a reflection of SKARS’ commitment to his craft, showcasing his innovative blend of punk rock and pop. This marks a significant evolution from his previous identity as Big Steppa Drew, now fully embracing the persona of SKARS, a change that has resonated strongly with both his audience and critics.

Crafting the album

Working alongside renowned producers tnvr and jumex, SKARS has carefully crafted each song on Nothing Lasts Forever. As an independent artist, he enjoys the freedom to express his true emotions through his music, resulting in an album that delivers an authentic and emotionally powerful listening experience. This album is not merely an addition to SKARS’ discography; it represents a critical juncture in his career, destined to leave an indelible mark on his listeners.

The Significance of Nothing Lasts Forever

Fans are invited to join SKARS on this profound musical journey. Nothing Lasts Forever is more than just an album; it is a significant milestone that showcases SKARS’ artistic evolution and his ability to connect deeply with his audience.

Discover SKARS’ debut album here.

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