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Beyoncé and Zendaya reportedly in talks for film remake of ‘Imitation Of Life’

It's rumoured that Zendaya is being considered for a major role in the film remake, while Beyoncé will produce

By Charlotte Krol

Beyoncé and Zendaya shown in a composite image
Beyoncé; Zendaya. (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/J.ébey; Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore)

Beyoncé and Zendaya are joining forces again for a remake of the 1959 classic ‘Imitation Of Life’.

That’s according to a film insider who claimed to The Sun that Zendaya is being considered for a major role while Beyoncé will take on a behind-the-scenes role as a producer. No official confirmation has been given, however.

‘Imitation Of Life’ is an adaptation of Fannie Hurst’s 1933 novel of the same name, which spawned two iconic adaptations released in 1934 and 1959.

The groundbreaking original wrestles with questions of race, gender and class, as an aspiring white actress takes in a Black widow whose mixed-race daughter wishes to pass as white.

The 1934 adaptation starred Claudette Colbert as struggling widow Beatrice “Bea” Pullman who takes in Delilah Johnson (Louise Beavers) and her daughter Peola (Dorothy Black/Fredi Washington) as they start a business together.

The second adaptation hit cinemas in 1959 and altered some of the characters, including changing Bea Pullman to Lora Meredith (portrayed by Lana Turner).

The insider added: “’Imitation Of Life’ is renowned in the film world because of the issues it tackled – and they seem more relevant than ever right now.

“Everyone wants Zendaya in their films at the moment but it feels like this could be the movie to take her to the next level and really get some awards buzz.

“Beyoncé has dipped her toe in a few projects, like Disney’s ‘Lion King’, voicing the part of lioness Nala. But now she wants a project she can really sink her teeth into, so she is very interested.”

Close shot of Zendaya's face in a trailer for 'Euphoria' season two
Zendaya in HBO’s ‘Euphoria’. (Picture: YouTube/euphoria)

Zendaya, who is also a singer, previously appeared in Beyonce’s 2016 music video ‘All Night’. She said in an interview that year that she was “obsessed” with the pop star.

No production schedule has been provided for the rumoured remake nor have any details of a studio involvement been shared at this time.

Meanwhile, a waxwork of Zendaya has been unveiled in London, with opinion split among her fans on social media.

The life-sized likeness of the ‘Euphoria’ star, decked out in a pink trouser suit, is based on her appearance on the red carpet at the 2016 ‘To The Rescue’ gala for the Humane Society of the United States.

It went on display to the public at Madame Tussauds in last Friday (February 11) in the gallery’s London Party area.