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Jim Carrey has been banned from Russia by Vladimir Putin

The legendary comic actor is one of 100 Canadians who have been banned by Vladimir Putin as a result of Justin Trudeau's support for Ukraine.

By Nick Reilly

Jim Carrey on CBS Mornings, March 29. 2022
Jim Carrey (Photo: CBS Mornings/YouTube)

Jim Carrey has led the names on a new list of 100 Canadians who have officially been banned from entering Russia by Vladimir Putin.

The new list, which also includes Handmaid’s Tale writer Margaret Attwood, forms part of sanctions that Putin has placed on the country as a result of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ongoing support for Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

As Complex reports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation posted the list of 100 citizens on their website, alongside an announcement which read: “In response to the ongoing practice of imposing sanctions by the regime of Prime Minister J. Trudeau against the Russian leadership.

“Politicians and parliamentarians, representatives of the business community, experts and journalists, cultural figures, as well as anyone whom the Canadian Russophobic authorities consider objectionable, entry is closed on the basis of reciprocity for 100 Canadian citizens.”

Carrey is yet to respond to the news.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February, but Putin’s forces have faced a string of humiliating losses and failure to occupy targeted territories. The latest setback occurred earlier this week when they were forced to withdraw from the Ukrainian city of Kherson.

Ukraine borders both Russia and the European Union and has long attempted to join bodies such as the EU and NATO – prompting heightened tensions with Vladimir Putin.

Russia’s actions have also prompted condemnation from some of the country’s most prolific faces. In September, singer Alla Pugacheva denounced the conflict and called for the country to denounce her as a “foreign agent”.

Her husband, the comedian, TV presenter and singer Maxim Galkin, was already well-known for his staunch opposition to the conflict. Joining him, Pugacheva praised her husband as “a true incorruptible Russian patriot, who wants…and end to our lads dying for illusory aims.”

Per the BBC, Pugacheva’s intervention represents her first real political statement in a glittering showbiz career that dates back decades. “She’s not the only one who may turn the public opinion,” said Artemy Troitsky, a musician and Kremlin critic living in exile in Estonia. “The obvious wrongdoings of the Russian army and the offensive of the Ukrainian army and the worsening economic situation and so on, all those factors work against Putin and against the war.”