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Alice Glass shares gory new video for latest solo single ‘Love Is Violence’

Glass said the song is for "those of us who have dealt with manipulative or toxic partners, there is a whole other layer of pain."

By Patrick Clarke

Alice Glass, 2021
Alice Glass, 2021. (Photo: Kristen Jan Wong and Lucas David)

Alice Glass has shared a brutal new video for latest single ‘Love Is Violence’, taken from the former Crystal Castles singer’s forthcoming debut solo album.

The gory visuals, which you can see below, sees Glass performing on an analogue TV screen, while two lovers watching rip each other’s internal organs out as they kiss.

“Almost everyone can relate to the sometimes unbearable ups and downs that occur in relationships,” Glass explained of the inspiration behind her latest offering.

“But for those of us who have dealt with manipulative or toxic partners, there is a whole other layer of pain. Any person who uses their partner’s ‘love’ to control, use, and hurt them is using one of the most cruel and disgusting manipulative tactics in human experience.”

She continued: “Disguising power struggles and calling it ‘love’, it’s a form of violence against a partner. I want to help people to see those red flags and encourage them to remove themselves from those types of toxic situations.”

In a recent interview with NME, Glass discussed her time in Crystal Castles and with former bandmate Ethan Kath.

Glass accused Kath of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse in 2017. Kath denied the claims and then responded by suing Glass for defamation. She then said in 2018 that the lawsuit had been dismissed.

“He always had all these lies about how we met, and each one was so ludicrous: we met reading to the blind; we were brother and sister – all this fucking bullshit,” Glass said.

“It was easy for him to convince me to remain an enigma because people would be very disappointed if they met you, and of course, I thought that was true. I still think it’s true; I just don’t care anymore!”

‘Love Is Violence’ will appear on the musician’s new album ‘PREY//IV’, which is released through her own label, Eating Glass Records, on February 16. It was previously due to be released today (January 28), but was delayed by three weeks.

The album was first announced back in November, along with another new single ‘Baby Teeth’.

In a statement, Glass said of the track: “I like to make songs that you can dance to when you’re sad. Baby Teeth is probably the darkest and most hopeless track on my record, but it sounds misleadingly hopeful.”