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Decentralised Music Platform Gets Its Hands On Unreleased Hendrix, Marley, and More

By Tyler Shepherd

Tune FM poster
(Image: Tune.FM)

Crypto in the music industry? That wasn’t on the 2024 bingo card. But apparently it’s happening as several startups look to take on the establishment and disrupt the system in its entirety. At least that seems to be the case as platforms like Tune.FM take on the traditional music industry.

What’s the angle? Well, “decentralisation” seems to be the most common theme when it comes to crypto, but what does that mean? According to Tune.FM, it means taking music from the monopolistic companies that rule the industry to help artists distribute music directly to their fans and listeners.

That seems to be exactly what the teams are doing with the recently announced partnership with Space Blue. Both groups seem to think that this new alliance will redefine how music is created, distributed, and consumed.

The collaboration melds the innovative force of Tune.FM’s decentralised music streaming platform with the pioneering efforts of Space Blue, renowned for its ambitious space tech-art ventures. The result will enhance how consumers listen to music and how artists connect with audiences.

Why It’s Relevant

Tune.FM is the brainchild of brothers and lifelong musicians, Andrew and Brian Antar. With their combined expertise in music, technology, and business, they have created a decentralised music streaming platform that offers artists an alternative way to monetise their fan base.

By utilising Web3 technology, they empower artists to earn royalties directly from their listeners and create digital music collectibles for fans to unlock exclusive experiences.

Space Blue, the other partner in this venture, is a global space tech-art community that has made waves with its Lunaprise museum and plans for long-term space missions.

Earlier this year, the Lunar Lander Odysseus landed on the moon carrying the Lunaprise time capsule curated by Space Blue. Now, the two are working together on something that’s a little closer to home.

The Project

Tune.FM and Space Blue have announced a compilation that brings together live performances from some of the most iconic musicians in history.

This unique collection includes the musical artistry of legends like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Carlos Santana, and more. It is meticulously curated by Lunar Records—a partnership involving Space Blue, Melody Trust, and Beverly Hills Productions.

What’s Included in the Collection

The two-volume series, featuring 26 tracks by some of the world’s most revered artists, will be presented within a Lunaprise time capsule that touches down on the moon, adding an element of historical significance to this musical offering. The highly anticipated “Summer of Love Volumes I and II” is set to drop exclusively on Tune.FM this summer.

Volume 1

The first installment, Summer of Love Volume I, promises to captivate listeners with its rare and remarkable tracks.

Highlights include the posthumously released Peoples, Peoples, Peoples by Jimi Hendrix, a riveting 17-minute live rendition of In A Gadda Da Vida by Iron Butterfly, Carlos Santana’s electrifying performance of Soul Sacrifice at Woodstock, and Bob Marley’s pioneering collaboration with Lee Perry on Soul Rebel.

Volume 2

Following this, Summer of Love Volume II continues the musical journey with equally compelling offerings such as a live version of Jimi Hendrix’s Love Love, Marvin Gaye’s ten-minute rendition of Sexual Healing, and rare live tracks like a six-minute version of Reelin’ and Rockin’ performed by Chuck Berry and James Brown.

How Will This Partnership Benefit Artists and Fans in the Future?

For artists, it offers a revolutionary way to connect with fans, monetise their work, and gain exposure to a global audience.

Through Space Blue’s Lunaprise time capsule and its partnerships with leading blockchain networks like Hedera Hashgraph, artists can leave a lasting legacy that transcends physical and geographical boundaries.

But What About the Fans?

Conversely, fans can access exclusive content from iconic artists unavailable elsewhere. By purchasing music NFTs, they own unique digital collectibles with unlockable experiences.

Moreover, this partnership also aims to promote social responsibility and sustainability. Artists and fans can make a meaningful impact by supporting nonprofits through charity auctions while enjoying groundbreaking music.

Music to the Moon – What’s Next?

As digital art continues to find its place in the art and tokenised world, the industry is witnessing a new era of collecting in which digital assets hold immense value.

Both companies believe this partnership can potentially change the norm for streaming and collecting music. The Lunaprise time capsule is a prime example. Art and music can now transcend Earth and time.

With Tune.FM’s platform, artists can now release their music as NFTs, giving fans the opportunity to own exclusive digital collectibles and support their favorite artists directly.

This aligns perfectly with Space Blue’s mission to support artists worldwide and promote a sustainable future. These teams are ready to work together in the long term, with seemingly polar opposite agendas, to see what they can accomplish together.

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