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Check out our exclusive images as Jung Kook tells us about solo summer anthem ‘Seven’

BTS' Jung Kook talks about his summer anthem 'Seven,' performing at Wembley and his signature style

By Joseph Kocharian

Jung Kook (Image provided: Big Hit)

BTS member Jung Kook has revealed how he’s aiming for a summer anthem with his new solo hit ‘Seven’

The track, featuring Latto, which is defined by an upbeat tempo and a catchy chorus you might belt out in the bars of Ibiza, has got all the trappings of a perfect summertime song. It’s also caught fire on the all important platform, TikTok, being the perfect soundtrack for the insanely popular K-Pop fan-cams.

Jung Kook has been over to England on the promotion trail, where Forbes reported that he has become only the fifth Korean act to chart in the UK top ten (landing in at number 3.)

The success in Britain seems less of a surprise when you listen to the sonic influences of ‘Seven’ too – with a brilliantly nostalgic nod to UK garage and the Born To Do It heyday of Craig David.

We wanted to find out more from Jung Kook about the reciprocal love between himself and the UK, so read our Q&A with the man himself below.

There is a UK Garage influence to this sound too. Do you feel connected to the UK? What do you love about London/The UK? 

As soon as I heard ‘Seven,’ I was immediately drawn to the track and became interested in UK Garage.  I still have vivid memories of us going to the UK to perform at Wembley Stadium. It’d be exciting to have opportunities to visit again in the future!

Do you have any fond memories from the UK with the rest of the band? 

When I think of the UK, I think about our Wembley Stadium concert a lot. It’s a dream come true for artists to perform at Wembley Stadium, so I can’t forget the moment when I was there performing on stage with our members and fans.

How did you feel before you went on stage at Wembley? Some of the greats have performed there.

I remember watching the movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ before our concert at Wembley and I liked it very much. The movie made me realize how significant this Wembley concert meant to us and feel proud to perform there.

Jung Kook (Image provided exclusively for Rolling Stone UK: Big Hit Music)
Jung Kook (Image provided: Big Hit Music)

You’re used to being part of BTS. How does it feel going solo? Is it daunting? Do you get to be more creative/Involved with making a song and music video? 

Since it’s my official solo debut, everything is a challenging yet refreshing experience for me. I’m both nervous and excited to know how people will respond. I practiced diligently and was hands-on throughout the process to be able to show the best version of myself. I especially paid a lot of attention to recording the song and acting in the music video.  

What was it like collaborating with Latto?

While I was looking for a rapper who would fit well with “Seven,” one of the producers recommended Latto, and we ended up working together- (Latto’s) verse fits the vibe of the song perfectly, and Latto’s favourite number is 7!

This track is a summery track, what do you like do in the summer?

I actually don’t prefer summer because I get hot very easily (laughs) I like winter!

What would you say your personal style is? What are you drawn to? Favourite colours, brands and fits? 

It’s hard to define my style as one thing. I love any outfit that looks right on me and makes me feel confident when I wear it (laughter). My favorite colors are purple, black, and blue. I like to get dressed in black, so I often go for all-black outfits. Also, I’m not saying this because I’m an ambassador (laughter), but I really like Calvin Klein. 

Jung Kook (image provided exclusively for Rolling Stone UK: Big Hit Music)
Jung Kook (Image provided: Big Hit Music)

Jung Kook’s ‘Seven’ is out now.