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The Deep Dive: The Snuts tell us about new album ‘Millennials’ and going it alone

Check out the first episode of our new video series, Rolling Stone UK's Deep Dive.

By Nick Reilly

As The Snuts celebrate the release of their third album Millennials, frontman Jack Cochrane has sat down with Rolling Stone UK to talk about the record for the first episode of the Deep Dive, our new video series.

As that series title suggests, it’s a chance for artists to tell the in-depth story behind their records and where they find themselves in their career.

For Cochrane, album three sees The Snuts releasing their first album on their own label after leaving Parlophone Records in 2023. That decision, he explains, stemmed from a sense of losing their own identity and purpose while on a major label.

“Our relationship with our label was at a complete breaking point,” he explains.

“I think things happen at labels that you’re not expecting. People come in and people come out. New people came in and they had this focus on TikTok. It doesn’t apply to every artist and it’s this one size fits all approach I think that you’re getting in the industry at the moment. We were like ‘this size doesn’t fit us and we need to kind of take a step away from that.”

Now, there’s no looking back. “I think we have a better relationship with the people who are listening to our music again. One of the big reasons we started this band, you know, we were putting out demos and stuff like that at the start, was purely so that people could know these songs, come to these shows and have that experience with us. Since making this record, we’ve repaired that bond.”

You can watch the whole first episode of Rolling Stone UK’s Deep Dive in full above.