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Marshall launches Studio JTM amp to mark Jim Marshall’s 100th birthday

Taking it back to the old school, the new amp boasts a sleek '60s design reminiscent of Marshall's early days.

By Rolling Stone UK

The all-new Studio JTM (Picture: Marshall)

Marshall has announced the all-new Studio JTM, taking it back to the amp that started it all for the legendary music firm.

The amp was the first ever created by the firm in 1962, but it has now been given a modern twist to mark what would have been the 100th birthday of founder Jim Marshall.

It means that there’s design aesthetics to match the original, such as the famous red enamel “coffin” logo and famous fawn fret, but this time there is four different products to choose from.

They include a 20w head, a 2ow combo app and a 1 × 12” and 2 × 12” cabs, while the product has also received the thumbs-up from Jim’s son Terry Marshall – who designed the original JTM back in 1962.

“When I was demonstrated the Studio JTM and it took me back to my original JTM45, it was my sound…I feel like it is going to be something special,” he said.

The new product is also noted for its lightweight appeal. It’s a lighter beast than the original but still boasts the classic Marshall sound, with built-in power reduction technology, allowing players to switch between 20W and 5W settings.

It also harks back to the classic in design too The Studio JTM features many of the same components that helped define the iconic JTM tone, from the ECC83 preamp values, 5881 power amp valves, ECC83 phase splitter and G12M-65 Creamback Celestion speakers, resulting in a unique blend of warm, growling and versatile sound that takes you right back to the renaissance of rock and roll.

Available to purchase at your local Marshall retailer.