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Adele says her prized possession is Celine Dion’s chewing gum

Adele also says she wants to tour "as soon as possible"

By Jen Thomas

chewing gum in a frame
Adele's prized possession is Celine's chewing gum (Pic: Vogue YouTube)

Adele has surprised fans with the revelation that her “prized possession” is gum that has been chewed by Celine Dion.

She was interviewed by Vogue for their ’73 Questions’ video series and proudly handed over a framed photo to the interviewer.

It showed a piece of chewed up gum on a piece of paper, revealing it was from Celine.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Adele said proudly.

It turns out that James Corden managed to get the unusual memento for her: “James Corden — who’s a friend of mine but also does Carpool Karaoke, which I did — did one with her. He knew how much of a fan I was of her and he made her spit her gum into a piece of paper and she framed it for me.”

She added sincerely: “That’s my proudest possession.”

Adele has made a comeback with new music after years away, after releasing ‘Easy On Me’.

She was also asked to rank her favourite Beyonce albums: “The Hive might come and kill me: ‘I Am…’ ‘Sasha Fierce’, ‘Lemonade’ and ‘B’Day’”

Her latest album, ’30’ is due to be released on November 19. She broke records for the most-streamed song with ‘Easy On Me’, after it beat the total previously held by BTS with ‘Butter’.

Adele was also asked when she wanted to go out on tour again, to which she answered: “As soon as possible, I’m ready to go! It’s all up to COVID so keep wearing your mask and don’t be spreading that Delta and who knows!”

Talking about the album, she said: “It’s definitely my most personal one yet,” adding that she “cries a lot” during her new songs.

During the Vogue chat, she also said she wished she could go back and tell herself at 19 that her love life “would get a lot worse”.

She also says she was “drunk, chaotic, stressed, and very sad’ in her early 20s.

Adele previously said that some of the songs on the album have been written in order to help her young son understand her divorce from Simon Konecki.

She will also be performing for a TV special on November 14, with her first televised interview with Oprah Winfrey as well as a two-hour performance.

It’s not yet known when the special will air in the UK.