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Amandla Stenberg on ‘Alice’, her new track inspired by ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’

Amandla Stenberg tells Rolling Stone UK how Bodies Bodies Bodies inspired her latest track

By Nick Reilly

The cast of Bodies Bodies Bodies (Amandla Stenberg pictured far left) (Picture: A24)

Amandla Stenberg, who portrayed Sophie in Bodies Bodies Bodies, has told Rolling Stone UK how the film directly inspired her latest song.

Stenberg’s new track ‘Alice’ is named after one of the film’s key characters, played by Rachel Sennott, and takes direct inspiration from her key role in it.

Actress and social activist Stenberg released the track yesterday (September 28) via A24 Music.

Speaking to Rolling Stone UK, Stenberg explained how it emerged during an improv session on set.

“There was this one particular scene where there was some empty space and I thought it’d be funny if I was singing this song with these silly lyrics and trying to make [co-star] Rachel Sennott laugh,” explained Stenberg.

“It got my mind going into this imaginary backstory about their friendship. It was just for fun, but working on movies always inspires me to make something musically and it’s totally random.”

While the track was conceived during the improv session, it truly came to life after she began recording with LA producer Juice Jackal.

“This one night I was over at his apartment and we produced it the whole way and loved what we came up with,” she said. We had our friend Shlomo who came on and did some stuff on his Moog synth. We chopped up some stuff, mixed up some stuff. I then told A24 that I’d made a Bodies Bodies Bodies song and they said they’d love to put it out. And here we are!”

The film, which is now available on demand, follows a group of 20-somethings who are forced to hunt out a killer while they are stuck at a remote mansion during a hurricane.

Explaining her involvement, Stenberg added: “I thought it was hilarious and razor-sharp, one of the best scripts I’d read in a long time because our screen writer Sarah DeLappe has such a razor-sharp mind and sense of humour.

“I was laughing out loud and thought the construction of the characters had depth and spoke to architects of real people in a way I found really refreshing.”

Bodies Bodies Bodies is out now.