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Are The Beatles about to release their final ever song?

A flurry of activity on their social media accounts has led to the speculation...

By Nick Reilly

The Beatles head to the US in 1964 (Picture: Tommy Hanley)
The Beatles head to the US in 1964 (Picture: Tommy Hanley)

Fans of The Beatles are speculating that the group may be teasing the release of their “final” song after a cryptic post was shared on social media.

Yesterday (October 25), a brief clip of an orange and white cassette tape with a reel winding was shared to the band’s Instagram and Twitter/X accounts, while also featuring on the homepage of the Fab Four’s official website.

As ITV News reports, the cassette tape has also been projected onto a series of important locations in Beatles lore, such as Penny Lane, Strawberry Field and John Lennon’s childhood home in Woolton.

The tape reads ‘Type I Normal Position’ on the bottom left, while a series of words appear to be deliberately blurred out on the right of the tape.

It’s thought that the mysterious activity could be linked to the final Beatles song that Paul McCartney teased earlier this year.

The music icon teased the prospect during a new interview with Radio 4’s Today Programme and explained how technology has enabled him to “extricate” the vocals of John Lennon from an old demo in order to complete the song.

Though McCartney did not mention the song by name, it is believed that the track will be one developed by Lennon in 1978 called ‘Now And Then’.

According to the BBC, McCartney first received the demo from Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono in 1994, after it featured on a cassette that Lennon made before his death entitled ‘For Paul’.

It was thought that the song could feature on the band’s definitive ‘Anthology’ series in 1995, though this idea was later abandoned.

The series, masterminded by ELO mastermind Jeff Lynne, instead featured the tracks ‘Free As A Bird’ and ‘Real Love’.

It comes after McCartney’s latest tour saw him take advantage of some digital trickery from Peter Jackson to give the impression he has been reunited with the late John Lennon to duet on ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’.