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Bastille seek escape on new song ‘Shut Off The Lights’

The final single of Bastille's new album 'Give Me The Future'

By Charlotte Krol

Bastille (pic credit: press)

Bastille have released another cut from their upcoming fourth album ‘Give Me The Future’ – listen to ‘Shut Off The Lights’ below.

It’s Bastille‘s first new material of 2022 and follows on from last year’s ‘Distorted Light Beam’, ‘Give Me The Future’, ‘Thelma + Louise’ and ‘No Bad Days‘. All the singles appear on the new album, which is out February 4 via Virgin EMI.

The band explained that the track is “about being pulled out of the bullshit in your head, switching off from your worries about the future and being in the room with the person you’re in it with”.

Some of the lyrics to ‘Shut Off The Lights’ read: “Wе’re drunk, we’re invincible / No bar went quietly into the night / This room is our universe / You are my gravity tonight.”

‘Give Me The Future’ is Bastille’s first album since 2019’s ‘Doom Days’.

Frontman Dan Smith, meanwhile, revealed recently that he’s been writing with Lewis Capaldi as the latter prepares his second album.

The two musicians toured together in 2019 when Capaldi was invited to support Bastille on their European tour dates. The Scottish singer also sang ‘Bad Blood’ live with the band during those shows.

“I did some writing with him and it was really great to see him,” Smith told The Sun. “Obviously he has had the most amazing time and I think he is just taking his time writing lots of music and living his life.”

He added: “We fucking love Lewis and we’re so proud of everything he’s done all over the world. It’s exciting to see what he’s going to do next.”

Bastille arrive at Rolling Stone UK's launch event
Cover stars Bastille at the Rolling Stone UK launch party (Picture: Rolling Stone UK)

Smith also opened up to Rolling Stone UK last year about his experiences of “pandemic anxiety” and how the desire to escape reality has shaped the band’s new album.

Bastille were the cover stars of Rolling Stone UK’s first ever issue, with Smith opening up about his experiences of life over the last twelve months.

“It’s literally been the stuff of movies, albeit apocalyptic movies,’ Smith said of the pandemic’s challenges.

“I was just like, ‘right I’ve got to stay busy. I made so much music, I was writing every day, I even ran this film club online when everyone got bored of fucking quizzes. My way of dealing with all this was like ‘right, you’ve just got to keep going, keep going.”

You can read the interview in full here.