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BENEE releases new track ‘Doesn’t Matter’ about mental health struggles

The New Zealand pop artist wrote her new single when she felt "truly overwhelmed, anxious, and stuck"

By Hollie Geraghty

BENEE with pink flowers over her eyes a press shot
BENEE's new track is her first solo single since her album 'Hey u x’ last year. (Photo: Press/ Lula Cucchiara).

BENEE has returned with her first solo single since the release of her debut album last year, offering a candid insight into her mental health struggles.

‘Doesn’t Matter’ is a tender reflection on her mental health, which the New Zealand pop singer has spoken openly about in the past.

“Maybe I’m consumed by my mental / Does it hurt me / Maybe, oh well,” she sings. “If I medicate would it help me / Cause I’m hurting / I feel unwell.”

Speaking about the new track in a press release, she said: “It seems like a very long time since I’ve released any music. This year has been very difficult for me and many other people, and I’ve had times that I’ve really felt my lowest. I wrote ‘Doesn’t Matter’ during one of these periods when I felt truly overwhelmed, anxious, and stuck. 

“I was diagnosed with OCD, which actually helped me understand myself better. This song ponders on what it would be like to feel truly carefree and how much easier life would be. Sometimes, it’s hard for people who don’t suffer from anxiety or depression to really understand what it’s like for us. 

“People telling you not to worry or saying ‘It doesn’t matter’ don’t understand that it’s not that simple. Having had help to learn how to deal with my own anxiety and depression, I want others to know that there is a way through.”

Listen to the new track below.

On Mental Health Day the ‘Supalonely’ singer opened up on Instagram about struggles with her mental health throughout 2020.

“2020 was so hard and we thought it couldn’t get worse than that, but we’ve really been tested in 2021,” BENEE wrote.

“I’ve spent a lot of this year under my weight blanket & not nearly enough time making music which made me feel even worse lol. Following up on my crying photo dump on last year’s mental health day, I wanna be completely honest with you all.”

She added: “There have been moments when I really felt like I wasn’t going to get through it all ( I know so many of you will relate ). I’m still navigating my own mental health journey but I’m so glad that ppl are finally starting to talk more openly about their own struggles. There are so many bootiful ppl out there and life can be SOOOO good- it really pushes me to keep trying to feel better. 

She also encouraged her followers to reach out to someone or “go ham on venting in the comment section”.

“I’ve been filled with so many doubts lately, but knowing that even a few of u might be able to take something away from a post like this makes me want to keep this dialogue going. I’m so grateful to have this platform and I don’t know what I’d be doing without my music shtuff.”