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Bring Me The Horizon to drop new album ‘POST HUMAN: NeX GEn’ at midnight

It's finally here!

By Nick Reilly

Bring Me The Horizon (Picture: Press)

After years in the making, Bring Me The Horizon have announced that their next album is finally set to arrive tonight.

The band have announced that the anticipated POST HUMAN: NeX GEn will arrive at midnight tonight, after it was initially delayed from a planned release in August last year.

Sharing a futuristic teaser, they wrote: “BMTH invites you to Ascend!+ POST HUMAN: NeX GEn [out midnight 24.05]”

Check that out below.

They previously teased the album in April, telling fans it was “time for a new era”.

It comes after they shared new track ‘Kool-Aid’ in January, their first to arrive following the departure of Jordan Fish late last year.

Now, the band have shared a new video in which a robotic voice says: “You cling to your virtual identity as if it were your very soul. Pathetic. I’m here to wipe away the detritus of your existence. All these thoughts, these memories, they are but a fleeting echo in an endless void. And just like that, you cease to exist in a digital realm. A mere blip erased from the annals of cyberspace. Farewell insignificant content.”

To end the video, the band hint at the new album with the line: “It’s time for a new era. Initialising NeX GEn.” The group’s next record was pushed back due to “unforeseen circumstances,” with the group “unable to complete the record to the standard we’d be happy with”.

The band also recently shared a studio photo of frontman Oli Sykes with longtime producer and engineer Dan Lancaster – suggesting that a reunion could be on the cards. Lancaster is a long term friend of the group, having mixed their 2015 record That’s The Spirit, as well as songs on 2019’s amo and their POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR EP.