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Britney Spears to receive a “care plan” once conservatorship ends

Britney Spears' controversial conservatorship came to an end last week after 13 years

By Elizabeth Aubrey

Britney Spears wears a black laced dress on The Jonathan Ross Show
Britney Spears' conservatorship under her father, Jamie, lasted 13 years. (Photo: YouTube).

Britney Spears is set to receive a ‘care plan’ once her conservatorship formally ends.

Last week, (November 12), Spears’ controversial conservatorship was terminated by a probate judge after 13 years.

Judge Brenda Penny ended the conservatorship in a Los Angeles court hearing after months of previous hearings in which Spears’ legal team fought for her father, Jamie, to lose control over his daughter’s life and financial affairs.

To aid the transition of the conservatorship coming to a close, a “care plan” has reportedly been put in place for Spears by Jodi Montgomery, who is currently looking after Spears’ wellbeing with the aid of a medical team.

According to documents obtained by People, the care plan is in “regard to Ms Spears’ ongoing needs and best interests — just those outside of a conservatorship” and that plan addresses “key issues arising from the transition off the 13-year conservatorship.”

The filing has also requested that the plan be legally sealed “away from the prying eyes of the public” because it also contains medical information regarding her children.

The document also reportedly says: “Ms Montgomery would like to ensure that there are guidelines in place for supportive decision-making to help her adjust and transition to life outside of the conservatorship.”

Spears called the conservatorship “abusive” back in June amid claims that her father was spying on her and recording her conversations – including ones in her bedroom.  

The conservatorship was frequently in the media following a New York Times documentary which questioned the legality of the arrangement which is usually applied to infirm or incapacitated subjects. During Spears’ time under the conservatorship, she still worked and toured extensively, earning millions of dollars.

Calls to end the conservatorship gained further traction from the #FreeBritney movement – a legion of Spears’ fans who suspected issues with her care for several years.