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Christine and the Queens’ Chris says ahead of album that he identifies as male

Chris releases his third album ‘Redcar les Adorables Étoiles‘ next month

By Charlotte Krol

Chris of Christine and the Queens is seen in a tuxedo
Chris of Christine and the Queens presents Redcar. (Picture: Pierre-Ange Carlotti)

Chris of Christine and the Queens has said that he identifies as a male, ahead of the release of his third album Redcar les Adorables Étoiles.

The French singer-songwriter opened up in a TikTok video shared last week (August 18) about his gender identity and the new moniker for his forthcoming record.

“I’ve been a man for a year now – a little more officially in my family and in my relationship. It is a long process,” Chris said in French in the three-minute clip.

The artist’s new album will be released as Christine and the Queens presents Redcar, seemingly confirming Chris’ new moniker as Redcar. He has also updated his pronouns on social media.

“Redcar, like all my poetry and philosophy, is poetry and philosophy that helps me be successful,” Chris added in the video.


Ok bonne journee mes amities

♬ son original – Redcar

Redcar les Adorables Étoiles is released on 23 September (pre-order here). Chris is hosting “an exclusive show in the name of poetry” hosted at the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris on 22 and 23 September and at the Royal Festival Hall in London on 30 September.

Gender and sexuality has been a recurring topic of discussion for Chris over the years. In 2016 the musician spoke to the BBC about his views, explaining that he doesn’t see gender as “an obstacle” or “a definition” and said that he identifies as pansexual.

Asked what being pansexual meant, he replied: “It means that I can fall in love with someone regardless of their gender, regardless of how they define themselves. I don’t really see that as an obstacle, as a definition.”

Redcar les Adorables Étoiles is the album follow up to 2018’s Chris, which peaked at Number Three in the UK’s Official Albums chart. Chris also released an EP called La Vita Nuova in 2020.

Last year, Chris collaborated with his 2020 EP guest star Caroline Polachek on the Charli XCX song ‘New Shapes‘.