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Dexys announce ‘The Feminine Divine’, their first album in over a decade

The music icons, led by Kevin Rowland, combine "music hall-esque swagger" with "saucy synth-heavy cabaret" on their new album.

By Nick Reilly

Dexys (Picture: Press)

Dexys have announced their first new album in over a decade, as well as sharing the lead single ‘I’m Going To Get Free’. You can listen to it in full below.

The group – formerly known as Dexy’s Midnight Runners – will release The Feminine Divine on July 28, some eleven years after their last album, 2012’s One Day I’m Going To Soar.

According to an official release, the record sees the group combining their classic “music hall-esque swagger” with a more contemporary “saucy synth-heavy cabaret”. Original Dexys’ trombonist Big Jim Paterson has written portions of the classic side, while Sean Read and Mike Timothy have been enlisted for the synth-dabbling face of the record.

“After taking some time out to refocus his energy, Kevin Rowland came back to music with a fresh perspective and new-found positivity,” the band’s press material states. “A personal, if not strictly autobiographical, record portraying a man whose views have evolved over time. Not just on women, but the whole concept of masculinity he had been raised with.”

The lead single, meanwhile, hones in on the story of a character burdened by mental health struggles who is attempting to see the lighter side of life.

“The character is optimistically breaking free from internalised trauma, depression and guilt,” explained Rowland.

You can check out the record track-list in full below.

1. ‘The One That Loves You
2. ‘It’s Alright Kevin (Manhood 2023)
3. ‘I’m Going To Get Free
4. ‘Coming Home
5. ‘The Feminine Divine
6. ‘My Goddess Is
7. ‘Goddess Rules
8. ‘My Submission
9. ‘Dance With Me