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Digga D shares teaser for Squid Game-themed single ‘Red Light Green Light’

The British rapper’s forthcoming single is inspired by the hit Netflix South Korean survival drama, Squid Game

By Grace Almond

Digga D, dressed as the Front Man from Netflix's 'Squid Game', stands in front of people dressed as workers in a teaser trailer for his new single
Digga D's upcoming single takes inspiration from the popular Netflix drama, 'Squid Game'

British rapper Digga D has released a teaser trailer for his upcoming single, ‘Red Light Green Light’, which takes inspiration from the widely popular new Netflix drama, ‘Squid Game’.

On Sunday (Oct. 17) in a post on Instagram, Digga D wrote “Just give me the green light”, sharing a clip teasing fans with a snippet of the music video for the song. 

The clip features familiar grisly scenes from the show, with Digga D dressed as the Front Man (the person who organises the games), standing in front of people dressed as workers, recreating the Red Light Green Light game.

According to Netflix, ‘Squid Game’ has dethroned ‘Bridgerton’ to become the most-watched show in the streaming service’s history. To date, over 111 million people have watched ‘Squid Game’, which is now estimated to be worth almost £650 million ($900 million), against a budget of £15.4 million ($21.3 million). 

The show, which has frequently been compared to ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise, follows a group of contestants trying to fight their way out of debt by competing in a series children’s games with deadly consequences. The show’s director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, seems to have confirmed the view that the show sends an anti-capitalist message, saying “I wanted to write a story that was an allegory or fable about modern capitalist society, something that depicts an extreme competition, somewhat like the extreme competition of life.”

The release of ‘Red Light Green Light’ will follow Digga D’s latest single, ‘Keep Talkin’, which saw the artist collaborate with fellow Ladbroke Grove rapper Sav’o and Horrid1. 

In a rare interview, Digga D recently told GQ that he has “done what no artist has done before: I put my character into drill music. People have always got a persona they have to keep up, but I don’t. You should just be yourself. My music videos are totally different from other drill videos. The vibes and energy are different.”

Digga D’s new single, ‘Red Light Green Light’, drops on Thursday (Oct. 21).