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Go behind the scenes of Bring Me the Horizon’s Rolling Stone UK cover shoot

The Sheffield rockers are on the cover of Rolling Stone UK's third issue

By Joe Goggins

Bring Me The Horizon pose for Rolling Stone UK
Bring Me The Horizon pose for Rolling Stone UK. (Photo: Lindsey Byrnes)

Bring Me the Horizon are the cover stars of Rolling Stone UK’s third issue – you can go behind the scenes of their photoshoot below.

In a new video shared to YouTube, the Sheffield rockers discuss their origins, the recent rejuvenation of rock, their appetite for collaboration, their experience of the pandemic, and their forthcoming headline sets at Reading and Leeds this summer. The band were reflecting upon their 2020 release ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’, which went to number one in the UK upon release.

“We just wanted to make music that kids could mosh to, and go crazy to,” said frontman Oil Sykes as he reflected upon the group’s emergence in the mid-00s. “It took a while for us to be accepted in [the UK punk scene]. We came out, and we were wearing skin-tight pants and makeup…all these other bands were pretty straight-edge hardcore.”

‘Survival Horror’, inspired by the band’s love of video games, is intended to be the first of four releases under the ‘Post Human’ banner; the band have been careful not to label the release as an album. “After we did [2019 album] ‘Amo’, which is the longest we’d ever spent on a record, we felt like we didn’t want to do that again,” Sykes explains. “Having the pandemic happen, it felt like it gave me the chance to go, “right, let’s do this different idea.” We just wanted to be able to be more in the moment, and when we feel like writing music, we can put it out.”

In the feature, which is out now in print, Sykes talks candidly about his band’s influence on the present-day rock scene. “So many of this new scene grew up on Bring Me The Horizon,” he said, “it makes me feel like a proud Dad.”

Drummer Matt Nicholls, meanwhile, looked ahead to the group’s huge Reading and Leeds slots in August. “Leeds Festival – Reading for [keyboardist] Jordan [Fish] – it’s one of them festivals we grew up on. I’ve been going there since I was like 16. So, yeah, it’s really cool for us.”

The third issue of Rolling Stone UK is out now and you can buy it here.