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Jessie Ware says she channeled Madonna’s energy for her new album

The singer even used the same mic that Madonna previously recorded Confessions on a Dance Floor on.

Jessie wears blazer by Christopher Kane, ring by Boucheron, vintage Chanel bracelets from Susan Caplan, earrings by Shaun Leane, earring worn as hair beret, vintage Givenchy at Susan Caplan. Photography by Mark Cant.

Jessie Ware has discussed how she channelled the energy of Madonna to deliver her latest album.

It comes after the singer teamed up with the pop icon’s producer Stuart Price on her upcoming fifth album That! Feels! Good! which arrives at the end of April.

Speaking to Rolling Stone UK for our latest digital cover, Ware explained: “Stuart had worked with Madonna, and so she was in my mind, too. It’s hard to forget when you’re holding the same mic that Madonna recorded Confessions on a Dance Floor on to not feel like maybe you are hopefully going to be a bit blessed by something.”

She also explained how the record – her follow-up to 2020’s acclaimed What Your Pleasure – should be enjoyed by fans in a single sitting.

I’m in my Age of Aquarius. I feel the most confident I’ve ever felt, stepping into making music. I really want to celebrate the beauty of an album, and what an album can represent. I really appreciate the traction I get off streaming sites, and all of that. It’s amazing, don’t get me wrong. But the romantic in me wanted that person to put this album on their vinyl, and just listen to it. And that’s it. I want to be able to cherish that experience, and savour that,” explained Ware.

Elsewhere, she also explained how it features subtle voice cameos from a variety of top-tier talent, including Róisín Murphy, Jamie Demetriou, Kylie and Aisling Bea.

“I think probably I’d been listening to the Prince album Controversy a lot, or something. I wanted that energy. I was like, ‘Who’s a good sport? Who’s got a good voice?’ Like Barry Mulholland (CEO) at Christopher Kane. He’s got a really good Scottish accent, and he’s fucking great.

“I think it’s confident, I think it’s naughty. In my head, I want an army of pleasure-seekers… and we’re all doing it together,” she says. “I’m kind of obsessed with that feeling of togetherness.”

You can read the whole interview here.