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Watch Nova Twins rock with body bags in twisted video for ‘Antagonist’

Nova Twins' video for latest single 'Antagonist' is a macabre watch

By Charlotte Krol

Nova Twins
Nova Twins have dropped the video for their latest single. (Credit: Shea McChrystal)

Nova Twins have shared the music video for their latest single ‘Antagonist‘.

In the clip, singer/guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South rock out on stage with people wrapped in body bags. Other moments see the people hanging from the ceiling like meat.

‘Antagonist’, which was released last month, is the band’s first new material since they went out on the road with Bring Me The Horizon. The duo also appeared on BMTH’s ‘POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR’ EP.

Nova Twins recently signed a deal with Marshall Records and are currently working on their second album.

South said: “We’re definitely experimenting with things, and it sounds more like us than ever, in a way.”

“All those little details and the scrappiness of things, that’s what feels ‘Nova’. To stay DIY but to keep progressing, it’s cool to send a message that anyone can do it… Just get grafting, and you can make magic.”

Amy Love added: “Our thing has always been that if you can’t play it yourself on guitar, drums and bass, it’s not going on the record.

“We’re not saying that we’ll never go bigger, but for where we’re at with a second record, it’s nice to feel like it’s still a ‘come as you are’ kind of thing. We don’t want to say too much just yet, but trust us – when this album comes out, we feel like you’ll know about it!”

Rage Against The Machine legend Tom Morello described Nova Twins as “one of my favourite bands” and said they are “an incredible band who deserve to be huge”.

“Over the course of three decades, I’ve seen a lot of great bands that deserve to get their dues but they don’t. Nova Twins are already on that road to really being a game-changer. Anytime they want to record a song together, I’m here. Actually, maybe I’ll reach out today!” he told NME.

After their run with Bring Me The Horizon, Nova Twins also announced a huge UK tour for next year. They’re also supporting Sleaford Mods and Enter Shikari for their upcoming shows.

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