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Paramore’s new music is influenced by Bloc Party, says Hayley Williams

‘For Paramore, Bloc Party was the number one reference because there was such an urgency to their sound’

By Will Richards

Paramore in 2022 (Picture: Press)

Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams has spoken about the band’s new album, saying their “number one reference” was Bloc Party.

The trio last released an album with 2017’s After Laughter, and have been teasing their return this year, confirming they are back in the studio and announcing new US tour dates.

On a new episode of her BBC Sounds podcast Everything Is Emo, Williams spoke about the band’s that had influenced the new material, and explained how Bloc Party were the key touching point.

“We started working on writing new material as a band over the last year and a half and I just want to say it, like I don’t even feel like it really gives away very much,” she said. “Bloc Party, from day one, talking about making music again, you know the three of us – Zac, Taylor and I – for Paramore, Bloc Party was the number one reference because there was such an urgency to their sound that was different to the fast punk or the pop punk or the like, loud wall of sound emo bands that were happening in the early 2000s.

Williams added: “They had their own thing and it was so unique and so dynamic, and it really stuck with us. And I’m really really thankful for this band, I’m so thankful that they’re back, they’re playing shows they’re putting out great songs, and it just makes me feel even more excited to get back out into the world, and maybe cross paths with the band that has been a huge part of our story from day one.”

Listen to the new episode here.

Elsewhere on the episode, she also picked Foals as an influence with regards to the Oxford band’s career trajectory.

“Taylor [York, Paramore guitarist] was really really obsessed with a couple of [Foals] albums, but the first time I heard ‘My Number’ I just thought it’s just a no brainer,” Williams added. “But I also really respect this band’s journey and how they continue to evolve. I think it takes a lot of guts too.”

Williams recently spoke to Rolling Stone UK about launching Everything Is Emo for an exclusive interview, in which she discussed the BBC approaching her for the idea, and that she would never have come up with it herself.

“For so long I’ve been adamant about not being pigeonholed into one scene that it would have never come from my brain,” she told Rolling Stone UK. “But I’m so glad that someone came to me about it, because it’s given me a cool opportunity to be nerdy about music and reminisce but also inject discovery for people that musically haven’t discovered these amazing new bands that are coming from a long lineage of great music.”