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Risen: new east London festival led by acts with “feminine energy” announced

Electronic music festival to be held across 10 venues in Hackney Wick

By Charlotte Krol

People dance to a DJ
Risen festival announcement. Picture: Gaia Ahuja

A new electronic music festival with a line-up dedicated to those who “represent the feminine energy” is coming to east London this spring.

Risen, which will take over 10 Hackney Wick venues on April 9, has been founded to “help balance gender inequality across the electronic music world” amid the ongoing need to redress the balance of male-dominated festivals in the UK and beyond.

Last year only 21 per cent of acts booked at major UK festivals were female or female-identifying, with that percentage falling to 10 per cent at London’s Wireless.

Kitty Bartlett, senior booker and events manager at Risen, said: “Having worked for many years to help balance gender inequality across the electronic music world, I’ve always dreamt of putting together a festival that focuses fully on this.

“Risen is a festival run by women to shine a light on the up-and-coming talent who work so tirelessly across the music industry, be that DJs, event managers, graphic designers, lighting techs and so on. It’s time for a new energy.”

The festival, which is open to all, will welcome acts playing across electronic music genres including house, garage, techno and disco.

The line-up, which includes DJs from London-based female-hosted/produced radio station Foundation FM, from A-Z is as follows: Aghnes, Airali, Akiko Haruna, Aletha, Amaliah, Ambient, Babestation Meltdown, Amelia Street, Ameliée, Amodeus, Angel D’lite, Anna Wall, Anthea, Anx, Ariane V, AYAYA, Birds (DJ), Cheri, Cleo, Club Fitness, D Lish, Daddee Mak, Danielle Moore (Crazy P), Eleanor, Eliza Rose, Ell Murphy, Elle Clarke, Fae, Faery, Farhannah, Fizzy Disc, GENIETUNES, Girls Don’t Sync, Giulia Tess, Glade Marie, GUYZ, Hannah Holland. Heléna Star, and Hemlin

I-sha, Ifeoluwa, Iona, Jacki-E , Jade Seatle, Jay Duncan, Jaye Ward, Jazzz, Joly, Khalisha, Kiara Scuro, Kitsta, Kmya, KUNTEAA, Leah Floyeurs, LilyHuu, Liv Ayers, Liv G, LUXE, Madam X, Maeve, Mariiin, Melody. Mi-El, Mia Lily, Mica Coca, Mina, Mixtress, Monika Taneska, NISHA, Ohmydais, Olita, Oshana, Phoebe Valentine, MS Casualty, RAW SILK, Sassy Wylie, Scarlett O’Malley, Shama, Shannon From Admin, Sicaria Sound, Sisu, Stem, Sybil, Tash LC, Tia Cousins, Tsuniman, Wacha, Wednesday, Ynez, Yushh + Special Guests.

© Photography by Jake Davis of Khroma Collective (

The venues are as follows: Old Street Brewery, The Yard Courtyard, The Yard, Crate Brewery, Crate Terrace, Colour Factory, Colour Garden, The Lot, HWK Courtyard, and Lord Napier Star.

Ticket prices are yet to be confirmed but you can sign up for access to pre-sale tickets here. The pre-sale is on January 31 at 10am and general sale is on February 1 at 9.30am.