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Sorry announce second album ‘Anywhere But Here’ 

The North London band's second record arrives in October

By Nick Reilly

Sorry (Picture: Iris Luz)
Sorry (Picture: Iris Luz)

Sorry have announced details of their second album ‘Anywhere But Here’.

The next record from the North London outfit will be released on 7th October on Domino and comes two years after the release of their acclaimed debut LP ‘925’.

Describing the record, singer Asha Lorenz said: “Anywhere But Here! We approached the album differently from the first one, it was more of a live band process and the outcome has made it feel rawer and more sincere… we think. We wanted every song to have its own gravity but also have little snippets, or lyrical patterns that repeat, grow – metamorphosis.

“Everyone started to feel a bit alien in the last couple years with all that’s happened. It’s kind of weird being from London, growing up here, like anyone who’s been in the same place for ages. How all the landmarks, places, even people are the same, but it still feels different. I think we want things to change, or we think they will, but it kind of just happens again but in a different way. That sound is kind of the sound I imagine when you moan or cum or deep cry – it’s like rebirth. It’s the shedding of a skin!”

The band have also unveiled ‘Let The Lights On’, the first track to emerge from the record.

“It’s a fun love song for the club. A bittersweet track for us. It kinda touches on how you want to be honest and say things directly, but in the end that can also ruin them,” they say of the track.

“If you’ve got a light don’t let it go out… sometimes you have to leave things behind but it’s hard to do. We tried to make it a bit ironic by saying things very plainly and direct. It’s the last song we wrote from the album and came out of us trying to find something more upbeat for the album. It started off as a dancey song with driving bass and drums and became more poppy when we played it with the band and recorded it.”