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Spotify launches its AI DJ in the UK and Ireland for the first time

The new experience, all overseen by the voice of the charismatic 'X', is now available in the UK and Ireland

By Nick Reilly

(Picture: Spotify)

Spotify has launched its AI DJ in the UK and Ireland for the first time, which will allow users to access a fresh playlist of evolving music, all overseen by the voice of an AI DJ.

The new experience offers a selection of recommended songs, favourite artists and tidbits of information – all overseen by the voice of Xavier “X” Jernigan – the voice model who has lent his friendly tones to the new feature.

The AI element comes in the feature’s endless ability to generate and read the names of artists and various pieces of trivia, even if the real life Jernigan has never said them before.

How can I access it in the UK?

It’s only available to Spotify Premium users, but you can find the AI DJ card near the top of the app’s music feed. Look out for the moving green circle against a blue background and click through.

Once you’re into it, the app will immediately play a mixture of songs old and new that have been powered by Spotify’s algorithm – with Jernigan’s voice on hand to immediately introduce a fresh collection of songs.

If you’re not a fan of those songs or the artist being played, you hit the AI DJ icon once again and, sure enough, Jernigan will immediately move onto a new theme.

What has Spotify said about it?

“We know that our users love personalised experiences, so we’re confident that DJ will become the next beloved Spotify feature to re-discover old favourites and find something new,” said Spotify’s UK and IE managing director Tom Connaughton.

“It was really important to us that the product felt truly tailor built for music lovers in the UK and Ireland – for instance, so they’ll be provided cultural commentary around some of their favourite artists and tracks. Users who tune in use the DJ feature right around launch may hear about how Arlo Parks is releasing her new song at the end of May alongside her first collab with Phoebe Bridgers or how Jazzy is the first Irish woman to top the Spotify charts there. It’s these touches and details that are really winning DJ users over.”