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Tame Impala announce ‘Lonerism’ 10-year anniversary box set

The Australian psych giants are planning an expansive reissue

By Joe Goggins

Tame Impala press shot, 2023
'Wings of Time' was written with Nicholas Allbrook of Pond. (Photo: Dana Trippe)

Tame Impala have announced an expansive new box set to mark the 10-year anniversary of their breakthrough album Lonerism.

Backed by major singles like ‘Elephant’ and ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’, Lonerism, the Australian outfit’s second record, saw them transition from psych-rock upstarts to one of the world’s biggest indie rock bands. Released in October 2012, its tenth birthday was initially marked late last year by a performance of the record in its entirety at Desert Daze festival in California. You can see it below.

Now, Kevin Parker and co will further celebrate its legacy with a 3LP box set that will arrive on May 26. In addition to the album, it will bring together a new 24-page booklet and previously unreleased demos from the Lonerism sessions. The set will feature new anniversary artwork from Erin Knutson and Immanuel Yang, as well as previously unseen photography from Parker and Matt Sav. You can pre-order it here.

In an Instagram post last year, Parker reflected on his relationship to the record at 10 years’ distance, saying it was “difficult to sum up what the album means to me at this point. It was a pretty special time making the music for me. In a way, it’s when I truly discovered myself as an artist. Coming off the back of Innerspeaker, I had this new sense of purpose…calling…whatever you want to call it. I had finally given myself permission to let music take over my being completely…to become totally immersed in my own world of recording music. So I had this new sense of creative freedom. I felt free to be ambitious, weird, pop, experimental, whatever, and didn’t feel judged because I was finally just doing it for myself and believed in myself. For the most part anyway…”

You can see the track listing for the re-release below. It comes three years since the last Tame Impala album, The Slow Rush. Since, Parker has focused on one-off endeavours, like last year’s Diana Ross team-up ‘Turn Up the Sunshine’ and Gorillaz collaboration ‘New Gold’ and his contributions to the soundtracks of Minions: The Rise of Gru and Elvis. He had previously promised a shorter turnaround for the follow-up to The Slow Rush than the five-year gap between that and 2015’s Currents, via the Sydney Morning Herald.

Tame Impala – Lonerism [10 Year Anniversary Box Set]:

Side A

  1. ‘Be Above It’
  2. ‘Endors Toi’
  3. ‘Apocalypse Dreams’

Side B

  1. ‘Mind Mischief’
  2. ‘Music to Walk Home By’
  3. ‘Why Won’t They Talk to Me?’

Side C

7. ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’

8. ‘Keep On Lying’

9. ‘Elephant’

Side D

10. ‘She Just Won’t Believe Me’

11. ‘Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control’

12. ‘Sun’s Coming Up’

Side E

13. ‘Retina Show’ [Unreleased Demo]

14. ‘Sidetracked Soundtrack’ [Unreleased Demo]

Side F

Assorted Sketches, 2010-2012