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Watch Ed Sheeran join Busted on stage in London to perform ‘Who’s David’

The two teamed up on the last night of Busted's 20th anniversary tour at The O2 Arena.

By Emily Zemler

Busted and Ed Sheeran perform live (Picture: YouTube)

Ed Sheeran made a surprise appearance at London’s O2 to join Busted for a performance of their 2004 hit “Who’s David.” The English pop-punk group, who is currently on their 20th anniversary tour with Hanson as support, invited Sheeran onstage midway through their set, where he joined in on vocals and guitar.

Busted also joined forces with Hanson for ‘MMMBop’ and ‘Sleeping With The Light On’ during the show. Earlier this year the two bands released a new version of ‘MMMBop,’ Hanson’s ’90s single, titled ‘MMMBop 2.0.’

Sheeran has been making the round as he supports his new LP, Autumn Variations, which was released last month. Along with the LP, the singer dropped a live bonus album, Autumn Variations (Fan Living Room Sessions), which features recordings of him doing surprise performances of his newest songs in his fans’ homes.

The album marked his second offering of the year, following – (a.k.a. ‘Subtract’), which was released back in May. Autumn Variations sees Sheeran and producer Aaron Dessner expanding on their collaborative power together, as the two worked solely together on Sheeran’s latest, save for one track they made with Dessner’s brother Bryce. This album is Sheeran’s first to be released on his own imprint, Gingerbread Man Records.

A portion of the proceeds from both Variations and the Fan Living Room Sessions version will go to Save the Music. The live living room videos will be the only ones offered for this album cycle, as Sheeran has said he wanted to forego the usual big rollouts he’s used to.

Busted, who are better known in the U.K. than in the U.S., recently kicked off an arena tour to celebrate their 20th anniversary as group.

“We may not have been together for a lot of the last 20 years, but when we do come back together, the thing that has really been a factor in allowing us to return is that our songs have been there and held their place, even when we haven’t been performing,” band member Matt Willis told Rolling Stone UK in March. “That’s the thing, our songs can do their thing when we’re not a band. The plane flies when we’re not flying. But now, we’re back and we can’t wait.”

From Rolling Stone.