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Rachel Chinouriri shares title track from debut album ‘What A Devastating Turn Of Events’

“This song is one of my saddest but proudest achievements,” the singer said.

By Will Richards

Rachel Chinouriri
Rachel Chinouriri (Picture: Lauren Harris)

Rachel Chinouriri has shared the title track from her upcoming debut album What A Devastating Turn Of Events – check it out below.

The new album was announced earlier this year and will arrive on May 3. So far, she’s shared the tracks ‘Never Need Me’ and ‘The Hills’.

Discussing the title track, which you can hear below, Chinouriri said: “This song is one of my saddest but proudest achievements. It’s personal and based around a true story. It’s the tragic story of a girl who is a similar age to me. I think with every step of her journey, someone somewhere can understand the feelings she felt to some degree. Whether it’s to do with relationships, friendships, neglect, motherhood, depression, rejection, battling internal hatred or suicidal thoughts.

“I feel like this is something most people can relate to. The decision to take her own life is something many people have contemplated and her life was almost the perfect storm to create that environment which is heartbreaking. Without the right support or understanding around you, people can feel trapped and it’s sad she ever made this choice. Her story deserves to be told and I hope more people know that this is a feeling that many people have felt and you should always ask for help.”

Of the album, Chinouriri said: “It’s finally here. The moment most musicians dream of when they’re a child. I can’t believe it’s real in a way, but I’m proud of it. ‘What A Devastating Turn Of Events’ should feel like discovering a personal journey of all the hardship and struggles that have ultimately made me the person I am today.”

She added: “I was lost when I first made this album, when I felt so lost within myself but also in London. I was on a search to find myself and I can say I’ve managed to do that by the end of this process and have found a love for myself that I never thought was possible. I feel fortunate enough to be able to document that process and have it in physical form and sound. Hopefully it’ll help other people realise that it takes tough times, self accountability, betrayal and uncomfortable moments to finally get to a point of true self love. I’m more than ready for the next chapter.”

The singer was also recently hailed as “absolutely amazing” by Adele during a recent show of her Las Vegas residency.

“Someone sent me a song, I actually can’t remember the name, [but] I’m going to remember her name for next week so I can give her a shoutout,” Adele told the crowd during the show. “There’s a new artist, she’s British, her name is Rachel [Chinouriri] and she does like indie music.”

“She’s absolutely amazing,” Adele added, saying that she is planning to attend Chinouriri’s Los Angeles show at The Echo on March 20. “I’m going to go on my own,” she said. “That’s what I’m gonna do.”