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Listen to Self Esteem’s life-affirming new single ‘You Forever’

Second album 'Prioritise Pleasure' arrives this Friday

By Tom Skinner

Self Esteem press image
Self Esteem. (Picture: Olivia Richardson/Press)

Self Esteem has shared a new track called ‘You Forever’ – you can listen to it below.

The Sheffield artist – aka Rebecca Lucy Taylor – released the single today (October 20) as the final preview of her second album ‘Prioritise Pleasure’, which arrives on Friday (October 22). It follows on from the songs ‘Moody’, ‘I Do This All The Time’, ‘How Can I Help You’ and the record’s title track.

“This song is about the bravery of being alone vs the bravery of taking a chance. Both very valid,” Self Esteem explained.

“I’m also just talking about me, my band, the people I found since going solo, how we’ve made this difference. I’ve done it all without a traditional ‘support network’ and found my own. I think that’s a life hack.”

The full tracklist for ‘Prioritise Pleasure’ is as follows:

1. ‘I’m Fine’
2. ‘Fucking Wizardry’
3. ‘Hobbies 2’
4. ‘Prioritise Pleasure’
5. ‘I Do This All The Time’
6. ‘Moody’
7. ‘Still Reigning’
8. ‘How Can I Help You’
9. ‘It’s Been A While’
10. ‘The 345’
11. ‘John Elton’
12. ‘You Forever’
13. ‘Just Kids

Speaking to Rolling Stone UK about the imminent record, Self Esteem explained: “You think you’re coming for a pop song, but it’s going to leave you with more.”

As for the video for ‘How Can I Help You’, she added: “Click for the tits, stay for the feminism. I knew if I do a video like that, it’ll get clicks and then my idea was like, you know, let the pervs click on the boobs. Then they have to hear a song about feminism that they wouldn’t normally hear.”

Self Esteem will head out on the road for a UK headline tour in February 2022, which follows the musician’s extensive run of dates next month. You can find the full schedule and ticket details here.

Last month, Taylor joined forces with Bastille’s Dan Smith for a one-off performance at the Rolling Stone UK launch party. The pair performed a rendition of Kate Bush’s ‘Hounds Of Love’ together, as well as an acoustic version of Self Esteem’s ‘Prioritise Pleasure’ single.