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St. Vincent would love to write a Bond theme: ‘Hell yeah!’

”Can we just put ‘Violent Times’ in there as the song?”

By Will Richards

St Vincent, 2024. (Picture: Alex Da Corte)

St. Vincent has told Rolling Stone UK of her love for James Bond movies, and how she would love to write a theme song for one of the films in the future.

In a new interview about her upcoming album All Born Screaming, Annie Clark was asked about similarities between the album’s track ‘Violent Times’ and a Bond theme.

“It was not intentional when I was writing the song whatsoever, but I have noticed that and yeah, I totally hear it,” she responded.

Asked whether she would want to write a Bond theme in the future, she responded: “Hell yeah! I love those movies. Can we just put ‘Violent Times’ in there as the song? Stick it straight in, because if [Barbara Broccoli is] reading this it’ll save me a hell of a lot of work.”

(Picture: Alex Da Corte)

Elsewhere in the interview, Clark discussed new song ‘Sweetest Fruit’ and how it pays tribute to the late, great producer SOPHIE.

“I was a fan of SOPHIE’s from afar but we never met,” she said. “I didn’t set out to write this tribute in the same way I never set out to write anything you know? It just sort of comes. But that song was the extended product of a jam session and I loved that we could make a song around that.

“I read about the circumstances of her death and it was so tragic, but this idea that she was an artist who was always reaching for new things and taking risks, right? And this idea that she was just trying to get a better look at the moon. That moved me because there are a lot of us in human history, people looking for something on the outer reaches.”

St Vincent’s All Born Screaming arrives this Friday (April 26).